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How to Report Online Fraud

For people who do business online , you will experience various fraudulent act or scams on the Internet which i believe are very rampant this days. In order to prevent being defrauded online, we are making this post just to prevent the innocent ones from falling for online fraud and ways to report them to the appropriate authorities. The internet is a big market place which also provides anonymity for scammers. The online fraudster can build numerous email addresses or websites which they use as tool,  which also  aid their scam activities thereby making them untraceable. In order to prevent being a victim of  Online fraud , then you need to report any case of fraud you experience online using our ideas stated below. 1. Internet Authorities : The best thing to do in case of online fraud is to report any case of scam you witness to your state Internet authority telling down that you've been scammed or a friend of yours have been scammed. For instance, you can file a report to the ap

How to Make Dollars On the Internet

I really do not know how high the rate of exchange of dollars is to the currency of your country but in the part of the world where i belong, dollars really make lot of sense and we love making dollars especially through the internet. You can earn dollars into your local bank account doing work online in front of your internet connected computers or phones. How do i earn dollars through the Internet? The internet is a big market place where people make dollars online through various sites and online money making programs. There are many sites online where you can work and earn dollars working from home. Internet Businesses That Pays in Dollars 1. Google Adsense - The first and best way to get paid in dollars is through Google Adsense where you get your finalized earnings in dollars and sent directly to your country's  bank account. Google Adsense is one of the legitimate ways to work with Google and getting paid in dollars through blogging using a free blog site on platf

How to Start a New Business With No Money

You can start a New business with no money using our business ideas explained as you read on. Either you already have a business you are running, just feel like starting a new business without spending much or you want to earn extra money from a new business, the business ideas below are the best. New businesses can either be in small scale or large scale and can also be in different type but depends on satisfying the wants of people in the area. If you are to start a new business in your area and you really do not have much money to spend on the business, just look around your locality, identify various problems that can be solved in the area through your little energy or skill and you're already in business. Below are few list of new small business you can do for better profit. Some which includes;  Ideas to Start a New Business With No Money 1. Phone Charging -   This is a new business which is currently being done in area of Africa where electricity is lacking. T

Contact Information of Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria

If you need contact information on the best web hosting company in Nigeria as well as their contact details such as phone number and email, then you are viewing the right post.  Below are the reliable web hosting site in Nigeria with cheap web hosting packages and their contact details such as phone number and email. You may need this information any time for inquiries, complain and suggestions.  The contact information or contact details of web hosting companies in Nigeria includes; 1 . Host Company Name: Web4Africa Company's Website: Phone No : (0708) 933-7713, (0701) 167-3905, (0701) 167-3906 2 . Host Company Name : Whogohost Website : Phone Number & Email : 070022332233, 014538084 3 . Host Company Name: Internet Visa Company's Website: Phone No : 07065875062 4 . Host Company Name: Perfect Visual Host Web Hosting Company's Website: http://www.

Best Part Time Jobs That Pays

Part time jobs are done to earn extra money without leaving a day job. If you want an alternative to full time jobs to make extra money then we have a list of best part time jobs that pays. Most part time jobs are done in comfort of your homes or outside the home. Also, most Part Time jobs serve as an alternative way to make extra money either as an undergraduate, full house wives, student, moms, dads, graduates or unemployed. Must Read : stay at Home Jobs for moms Part time jobs could be done either on a full time or part time, offline or online and if done well, you could earn even much more than you make monthly and start making money. Most part time jobs requires no credentials, certificates but only skills and technical know-how to do the business. Below are list of best part time jobs that pay well and can be done with little or no capital. Examples includes; 1. PHOTOGRAPHY 2. BABY SITTING  3. CATERING 4. BLOGGING 5. CAR HIRE 6.  FARMING 7.  SELLING C

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Without Paying Any Money to Start

If you reside in Nigeria and you want to make money online without paying any money for anybody or any site to start, then you need this fact which describes briefly genuine ways to work online and earn cash even in this part of the world. You may not need to pay anyone to start making money online and the only way you can do that is to use the information provided below. It will help you, and give you information on various online business you can start in Nigeria without paying anyone. Some of the online money programs which pay per hour, daily, weekly on monthly includes; 1. Online Surveys - You don't need to pay money to start online surveys in Nigeria although some people thinks online paid surveys usually do not pay anymore but there are few  paid surveys panels that still pays to work online filling forms. So, if you are located in Nigeria, will need a USA address and PayPal. You get paid to your PayPal and the US address to register along with a VPN or IP Change