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How to Start a Business Online as a Beginner

How to Start Making Money Online as a Beginner Planning to start a business online or partaking in any online business can be a difficult task for people who lack information on how to start or could not get materials/mentor that teaches them the best business to do online to make profit or the high demanding online business that pays. If you are a beginner and you want to make an extra income online for yourself by working online or doing business online, then this information will do good to you if you follow and also get more research on the topic and the online business involved. To start a business online or you want to take part in any online jobs or business then start with the following to earn money; 1. Build a Blog : Every internet entrepreneur or the work from home guys also have a blog in one way or the other. You can get a free blog especially on platforms like WordPress or blogger which help save money. The main reason of this blog is for promotional purpose

4 Android Apps to Make Money

If you are an Android user, its very possible to make money on your mobile phones through Google Play store by using, downloading and installing some android apps while using your phones and getting paid into your PayPal.   Read Also - 5 Apps That Help Save Money   Read Also - 4 Android Apps for Online Business These apps downloaded from Google play pay people to use them especially during downloading, listening to music, watching videos, games and for business. Hence, you gather Google play point while using the android apps and getting paid using it. The Android apps that pays people to use them includes; 1.  WHAFF :  WHAFF is a mobile apps from Google play store which pay people to install and  download games and get paid while the game is being played daily, points are gathered and payment are made through PayPal when the Google play point get to payout. 2. SCOOPSHOT :  These is a picture taking and selling apps where you could upload decent pictures to companies

How i Make Money Online as a Beginner

I think i will like to rephrase this topic to "How i Make Money Online for the First Time " because first timer in any business are beginners and i really want to use this medium to help those who want to be engaged in online business to learn, act and earn more even as a beginner. I heard about online business through an electronic book called e-book which i bought and could not even get what the topic was all about. Just after a few pages, i learnt how to choose the best online payment method to receive the money i haven't even work for but i know i have PayPal, PM and later  applied for a US Bank account. 1. Paid Surveys:   i was introduced to taking surveys online where i started filling out forms for few legitimate site which took me almost 3 month to reach payout but eventually got paid into my PayPal account. It means some of the survey panels i registered with was paying low and was not paid by some survey site which make it a  scam. 2. Article Writing

Best ATM Card for International Payment in Nigeria

Making payment internationally using the Nigerian local bank ATM card also known as debit card seems to be a challenge to many Nigerians who want to buy and sell to people abroad from Nigeria but i have a list of Nigerian banks debit card also know as ATM card widely accepted all over the world. Internet banking as made it possible to make payment or receive money globally and based on experience, i have used some cards for online transactions and other international transfers and the list are pasted below. Read Also - Top 3 Reliable Banks in Nigeria Read Also -  How to Borrow Money to Start a Business For international payment from Nigeria using the local banks Atm cards, then consider the following banks; 1. UBA Africard 2. GTB Naira MasterCard 3. GTB Dollar MasterCard 4. Diamond Bank 5. Zenith Bank 6. First Bank So far, you can use the following debit cards from Nigerian banks to pay, receive payment, buy, sell or make international money transfer to ot

Best Paid Survey Site for The Month

Working online and making money online through paid surveys seems to be one of the oldest way of earning money by taking paid surveys, but this can't be made possible if you did not choose the best paid survey panels and many people have concluded that paid surveys may be scam.   Read Also - How to Find Free Paid Surveys Site   Read Also - How to Get High Paying Surveys This is a new year and am glad to give a report as well as the list of paid paid surveys panel that actually pay this month. Some of them paid directly to PayPal account while other paid bank payment and i was able to redeem my payment with gift items and a Facebook coupon. The best paid surveys for this month were picked based on ; Fast payment Easy qualification for surveys Short surveys Legit online work Gift item  Check transferred to home Address High paying surveys Paid surveys many not be a waste of time if you actually take surveys from legit survey site or survey panel. After fulfill

How to Retire Early by Age 55

Many people see retirements as a boring aspect of life especially when its was really prepared for and that brings about people falsifying their age and finding ways to elongate their stay at work so as to earn money, make some savings and stay till 60-65 yrs and above at work and i wonder if its possible to retire at age 55yrs. I noticed that if an individual retires earlier, such person will have time for the family, live good life, eat good food, stay healthy and have fun at will but can the age of 55yrs be a good option for retirement. Yes it is but it must be well planned for. Such ways to plan for retirement at age 55 includes; 1. Invest in Your Children : If you are to have a good and successful retirement from active work at the age of 55, then you need to invest in your children when you are still at work. While you are still working and making money, you need to invest in children by providing them with good education, business, making money ideas and ensuring you lov