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5 Best SmartPhones for Business

Some Businesses are carried out on mobile phones because the world is going on mobile and so many things are done smart phones. My experience so far in using a phone for business, i realized that not all smart phones are good for business especially online business, online banking, online trading, recording etc while some are really good. But below are good smartphone that are good for business which includes; 1. Iphone 6 2. Samsung Galazy Note 3 3. Samsung Galazy 5 4. Htc One 5. Sony Xperia Z Read Also - How to Make Money Selling Phones Read Also - How to Make Money with an Android Phone  Most of the smartphones listed above are good for business because there neither on Android or IOS which has very reasonable business apps that can be used for business, online business, online payment and online banking. For any business online or internet business, the smartphones listed above are good and are recommended for any kind of business. Not only the smartphones listed above ar

How to Post Jobs Free Online

Where to Post Jobs Free Online Since the internet is a big place to get things done and where people seek information for anything like jobs, business, entertainment etc. You can post jobs free online through different methods which are stated as you read on. There are many online jobs and you can also post any available jobs online to help people get employed. You can post jobs free online if you have some vacancies available in your organization and this is how to go about it; 1. Open a Blog : Its very possible to post jobs free online by opening a free website or blog, post available jobs there and spread it with any known means. This is a free and simple way to post jobs online. Just open a free account with free blog platform like blogger or WordPress, give it a good design and start posting relevant jobs contents. 2. Post on Jobs Forum: You can post jobs free online by registering with some high traffic and well known forum and post the available job vacancies there. Better s

Good Internet Services For Small Business in Nigeria

To start making extra or more profit from small business in Nigeria, such small business needs to be taking online for exposure, promotion, publicity, operation of services, sales, profit and more earnings. Some small business depends on the internet for its operation while some small business are internet business itself but all still depends on getting the cheapest and best internet services for small business in Nigeria which are listed below. Read Also - How to Subscribe for Airtel 4GB Data Plan Read Also - 5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Small Business The Fast internet or Internet services with the best/cheapest data plan recommended for small business in Nigeria 1. Airtel BB Plan @ N1,500 2. MTN Blackberry Plan @ N1,000 3. Glo Data Bundle @ 2,500 for 4.5gig. The above internet services and plan can be useful for fast internet connection to process information, send mails, upload files, create adverts for product, buy stocks online and other internet u

How to Make Money Online Legitimately

I observed that whenever people come across some topics like make money online, earn cash online, business online etc, they tend to see all as scam and lies just to get some token from them. But, there are ways to get fake or scam site that do not pay well. Legit Money Making Online is real and as you read on, we will be providing you will the best information on various legitimate ways to make money through the internet and how to start working online for money. The legitimate ways to earn money online and its legit money making site with sure prove of earnings includes; 1. YouTube : Creating original videos or spreading existing videos on YouTube is a good and legitimate way to earn some cash online. You only drive traffic to the videos, monetize the traffic with Adsense and start getting money from the click generated to the video. 2. Adsense: Google Adsense still remians the most legitimate business online. You can earn money from Adsense through your blog/website, y