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Why a College Student Should do Blogging as Online Job

Since there are lots of ways to make money through internet which graduate and undergraduate students can implement in order to make some extra money at their spare time. Here we do not going in details of jobs that can be done, but will discuss in-depth about blogging which is chosen as a good job for students by many professionals and analysts. Now, there would be different or may be mutual thoughts in case of each of them who prefer blogging as a home-based job for college students, and I am one of them having the same characteristic. Throughout this post, I will be discussing why a student should start blogging to earn cash in their spare time and the benefits for them in current time as well as in future. Benefits & Whys Students Should Blog as an Online Job Doing part-time jobs on internet will surely bring money in their pockets but they are of different types, if someone suggest blogging as an online job to do at your spare time, one benefit is quite definite that it wi

3 Best Site to Buy Domain Name in Nigeria

'Where Do I Buy or Register a Domain Name in Nigeria?' Its possible to get a domain name for your website or blog from credible domain name registration site even as a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are really not sure getting the best and cheapest domain registration sites or companies located in Nigeria which can accept their own local bank debit/credit card, Paypal or other means of online payment in Nigeria. Our recommendation for the best site to buy domain name in Nigeria is based on some facts which are stated below;  Cheap Domain Name Registration  Free Admin Email e.g  Good Payment Mthod e.g Paypal  Fast Customer Care  Fast responds to complains  24/7 Site operation system The above conditions where reviewed and the 3 good domain registration sites that meet the requirements and recommended to buy from are; 1. GoDaddy 2. NameCheap 3. Hostagator Read Also - 5 Important Features of a Good Domain Name Read

3 Best Sites to Buy Web Hosting in Nigeria

If you are looking for web hosting companies to buy a web hosting for your site or blog in Nigeria, then this post gives information on the best and top 3 web hosting site to buy in Nigeria with excellent payment options. There are many web hosting sites in Nigeria that promises the cheap and best services or free web hosting in Nigeria but some are singled out of many based on customer review and some factors such as ; Cheapest Web Hosting in Nigeria. Good and Easy Payment Method e.g PayPal or Card Payment Free Web Hosting Effective Customer Care  Notification when Bandwidth exceeds   Frequent site maintenance problems  Notification by email of any changes Following the above listed conditions, the best and cheapest web hosting site in Nigeria for your blog or official website includes; 1.Hostagator 2. Godaddy 3. Namecheap   The listed site above Namecheap, Godaddy and Hostagator are web hosting companies widely used by site owners, blog owners in Nigeria

5 Best Sites to Do Business Online in Nigeria

Which Sites Can i Do Business Online In Nigeria? If you reside in Nigeria and you want to do some business online and get paid into your bank account, then below are sites to do business online in Nigeria. Once you have an internet connected, a good payment service and time then you can do a business online and earn some money from it. There are so many ways you can do a business online and earn some money doing it even if you are in Nigeria. The best way to earn money online or to do business online in Nigeria is to have something to sell and if you don't, you can sell other people product or promote other people business online. The site for you to do business online in Nigeria are many, much and can't start listing but the best 5  site to do a business online in Nigeria are; 1. Google Adwords: Its very easy to do business online in Nigeria with Google Adwords. This is a program that promote your website, link of product, sales page or the business itself

Best Web Hosting For Small Business

I notice there are many web hosting sites or programs on the internet that offer cheap hosting and claiming to be reliable but when it comes to hosting a small business site, there are also good site but the best still remains namecheap. I consider Namecheap as the best web host for small business based on the fact that i have used it to host many site, bought domain name and their bandwidth size extensions are excellent. For a small business website owner, they require good web hosting service that are relatively cheap. For Namecheap to be the best web hosting site for small business, then it must have fulfill the following: 1. Offer Cheap WebHosting: For small business, namecheap is highly recommended because their service is fast and cheap. You could get a domain name and hosting as low as possible based on any size of bandwidth you want. 2.  Security : The best web hosting service must provide a very good security for small business site which namecheap has live to