How to Get Paid to Advertise Online

In the quest to start a business online for profit, it is possible to get paid directly into your bank account any where you here wihout selling anything, without work, without buying but to advertise a product or other people's product online.

You can get paid to advertise online simply by promotion or promoting a product online using blogs, articles, reviews, Facebook or Micro jobs. But the most effective way of advertising people's product for money is throuhg blogs. 


You can advertise people's product and services on your blogs through banner placement, article writing, link sharing, videos or podcast. To start this kind of business online, you need to do the following;

1. Create a Blog: To start advertising for people, the first thing you need to do is to create a blog which can be on blogspot or WordPress. Get a custome domain, install nice and responsive template and don't forget to also include the share buttons.

2. Write Articles: Just after creating the blog, another thing you need to do get prepared to make money from advertising is to post some useful/quality contents on the blog. This will help you gather some traffic to the site which i believe advertisers love so much.

3. Open a YouTube Account: You also need to open a YouTube account where you post some of your videos and can also use it to drive traffic to your site. YouTube is one of the best way people get traffic these days.

4. Twitter or Facebook: One of the tools you will need to promote or advertise other people product in exchange for money is social media interaction and integration. It means, you have to be active on Faceboo or Twitter, get one if you don't have any and use it to share you links, stories or articles to get traffic to your site.

5. Subscribe for Google Adsense: Just after doing step 1-4 as explained above, one of the sure way to make money to advertise people business is to sign up for Adsense. Google has many advertisers to display ads and if you rent your space for Google to display it ads, it pay you usually at the end of the month with the preferred means of payment.

6. Find Affiliate Sites: You can also get paid to advertise online by promoting affiliate banner on your site. What you just need to do is to get a product on affiliate site, copy the banner or link code, paste it on your blog and promote. You get paid per sale, leads, clicks or impression. recommended affiliate sites includes Clickbank, CJ, Peerfly, ShareAsale etc
7. Find Reviews Sites: You can also get paid to advertise people's business, product, link and services by signing up for reputable reviews site like reviewme, sponsoredreviews etc. This site pays in dollars into your account and what you do for the money is to write reviews for the product on your site and get approval for it.

8. Direct Adverts:  Another sure thing you can do to get paid through advertisement or advertising other people's site, link or product is to sell ads space directly on your blog. If your site has the ranking with good traffic, advertisers will find you for ads placement on your blog and you make money from it legitimately.

These are ways to get paid to advertise online or advertise other people's product online for cash. Its a good way to make money online with your blog. Thanks for reading.


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