Best Genuine Work From Home Jobs

"how can i get genuine work from home jobs?' Genuine work from home jobs are jobs that are real, free of scam, legitimate, highly profitable and can be done from home. Not all work at home jobs are genuine but the types of jobs will be listing as you read on are businesses or jobs that are not only real but very genuine.

genuine work from home
There are good website or programs where you can work online and get paid genuinely for your time and the good news is that most of these programs can be done from home.Some which includes;

1. YouTube: YouTube is a video social networks and i describe this as  the most genuine way to make money working from home. Its simple, you only create videos using your phones, camcorder or computer, edit the videos and upload it to youTube. If the Video is getting some traffic, then you need to monetize the video with Adsense where Google begins to display ads on the video and you start making money from your videos.

2 AdSense: The most genuine work at home jobs is to work with Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a program by Google which allows website or blog owners to make money through their website traffic. There are many ways to work with Adsense and make some money from it, some which includes monetizing YouTube videos with Adsense, integrating on Blogs,  or working with Adsense sharing sites like squidoo or hubpages. Either on YouTube or blogs, you can permit Google display some adverts on your site or videos for cash. This is called earning with Adsense

3. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best way to earn money online and also rank among the most genuine work from home jobs. It involves selling other people's product through your website from home. You only need to copy link of product or banner and paste it on your site for promotional purposes. ClickBank, CJ, SharaAsale, Amazon are good affiliate sites to work with.

4. Paid Surveys: This is one of the old ways to work from home which i believe still rocks till today. You can earn money online working from home genuinely through taking paid surveys on survey panel sites like toluna, pinecone research, YouGov, OpinionOutpost, MySurveys etc. You only fill forms wit those sites and get paid per surveys or per hour. You can sign up, fill the profiles and start taking surveys for cash.
5. Micro Jobs Site: Micro jobs sites like Fiverr, seoclerks, gigbucks, zeerk are genuine ways to work and earn from home. You can earn cash online through your skills by posting your services a gigs on micro jobs site like Fiverr. Skills like writing, web designing, programming, song writing, logo creation, video editing etc sells well on Fiverr for just $5.

6.Article Writing: The best genuine work at home jobs is article writing which allows you to make money writing for people, sites, companies for money. You can write for clients on sites like fiverr, freelancers, warrriorforum, blogs, forums, paid reviews, reviewme etc.

These are genuine work from home jobs sites to work and make money per hour, per day or monthly. Thanks for reading. 


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