3 Ways to Promote a New Blog Post or Update

This is a post which gives ideas on how and ways to promote a newly created blog post or update. The days of creating a blog post and submitting to hundreds of search engines at a time or social bookmarking site to drive traffic or search engine optimization is gradually becoming a thing o old.
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If you have a blog and you post on the blog daily, you may not get the traffic you need to this post/update, if you don't do the right thing and thinking visitors will come for free, it won't work. It means in your own little way, you must promote your blog and later search engines can find your blog useful. Ways to promote your new blog update for traffic includes;
1. Send An Email To Your Subscribers: The first thing you need to do if you are to promote a new blog post or update is to inform your subscribers. People subscribe to your blog because they like it and sending an email to them about your new contents is a good way to start. You can ask them to to check your website, share the contents with friends or drop a comment if any. As soon a s a publish a post on my blog, i do this and it brings lot of traffic for my site.
2.Share on Facebook or Twitter:  Any time update your site or you create a new post, you can get a lot of traffic by sharing on social networks like Facebook or Twitter as well as Google+, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Digg, Stumbleupon and many more. You just need to ensure your contents are good, interesting, solves a problem and something the people will want to share to their friends, family colleagues etc. You may also ask them to share or re-tweet the post which  think is a nice idea that boost social media interaction.
3. Use Pay Per Click Ads : If you publish a good, interesting, original,  Quality, informative, educational, inspirational content, i think you need to drive traffic to the contents by promoting with it with the best in your ability and i believe a PPC (Pay Per Click) will do that. Pay per click sites like Facebook ads or Google Adword really works great and new visitors get to see your site within few minutes but its paid.
These are ways to promote a newly created blog contents for traffic, popularity and contents exposure. Since your blog is your business then you must find ways of improving it to earn more. Thanks for reading.


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