Why You Need to Change From .blogspot.com to a Custom Domain Name

Why Change a Blogspot.com to Yoursite.com?   I'm writing this post based on the question a reader ask me on the significance of using a custom domain name for a blog that is changing the blog from .blogspot.com to yoursite.com.

custom domain name

I see blogging as the best business online which create many opportunities to earn some money through the internet. Blogging is interesting and i believe the best thing that can happen to someone online is to start blogging in a good way with a custom domain. Even if you started with .wordpress.com or .blogspot.com, you can always change it to a custom domain name.

Some of the importance of changing from free blogspot to a custom domain, i mean www.yoursite.com includes;

1. Easy & Inexpensive: One of the reason and importance of changing from free blogspot to .com (a custom domain name) is just that its very easy to change. Despite other advantages of this change, one thing you need to know is that its very easy to do. You only pay few dollars which ranges between $5 - $7 and many times it comes free when you buy a web hosting plan from a reliable hosting company.

2. Brand: a good reason why you should change from blogspot.com to a custom domain  is that its help create a brand and as you know that the advantages of making your site a brand is numerous. Your site being a brand can be a good source of income for you when you start doing business with it. A custom domain makes your site unique and ready for business unlike when you have your site on free blogspot, then people see you as not being serious.

3. Online Business: One of the best online business is blogging where you make money from Google Adsense, Sponsored Post, Writing Reviews, selling Ads Space and other means. So you need to make people  see your website as a serious website buy giving it a unique name and not a blogspot.com

4. Can Resell: Many blog buyers and reseller on the internet do not see a site with .blogspot as being unmarketable. You will get to a stage in blogging where you feel like selling your blog and for people to buy such blog, it must have a custom domain and not .blogspot or .wordpress.com. People don't buy such blogs anymore especially on sites like fiverr.

If you are really serious about your blog, want to earn more cash using your blog or you want to make your blog a brand then do the right thing now before its too late. Someone else may buy the domain name elsewhere and you won't be able to buy again if you don't act now. Think about this and thanks for reading.


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