How to Swap Your Old Laptop for a New Laptop in Nigeria

To our friends and readers in Nigeria, you can swap your old laptop for a new laptop with ease especially if you live in Lagos. I was walking down a place in Lagos where a young man approached me and said if i will like to buy a new laptop, buy a UK used laptop or swap the old one for a new one.

swap laptops

The place where you get to swap your old laptop to a new one in Nigeria is Alaba Market in Ojo local Goverment in Lagos. To swap your old laptop to a new one, board a bus going to Alaba international, when you get there take a bike to computer section and just behind the new First bank before Mosque bus stop, drop and walk inside the market.

You will see many stores with good laptops, fairly used laptops, new laptops and you will also see store where you can swap your laptops to get a new one right there in the market.

There are many types of swapping which takes place in the market where the common one is swapping the old laptop to get a good working new laptop but you add little money while the next one is swapping the old one completely without paying a dime.
So, to get a new working laptops by swapping, just head on to Alaba Market in Lagos, visit the computer section and change your old laptops for a better one. You can also contact me for direct phone number of who to call to have your computer swapped for another. Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing this.. It's very helpful..

    1. thanks for the comment, am glad you found the post helpful and we are expecting to see more of your visit on these site.

  2. tankz very much bt wud like to ve ur phone number


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