How to Start a Small Scale Business With No Money

What is a Small Scale Business? A small scale business are businesses which requires little capital to start. It requires a small labor, resources and can be started from home. There are small scale businesses you can start with no money but when we say "no money" it means it requires a minimum capital which can be raised easily.
small scale business with no money
You can start a small scale business by rendering services or selling a product which is a better way to make good profit. Starting a small business self-employed is the best way to eradicate poverty and become financially stable.

The best way to start a small business with no money is to think and 

  • Use your skills to make money
  • Do business that can be started from your home
  • Start Saving towards the business
  • Try internet businesses
  • Start finding solution to people's problem around you
Doing the things listed above are the ways or how you can start a small scale business without huge capital. Other small scale business you can do without money are:

1. Childcare/ Baby sitting - This is a small scale business because that it requires no money. It can be started using your own private apartment. Also, parents can also tell you come and stay in their homes/apartment till they return from work.You see it requires requires no money.

2. House Cleaning  - Helping people to clean their houses is a also a small scale business that requires no capital but your sense, cleaning ability and little energy. You get paid to help clean people's houses, offices, flat, compounds, environment, industries etc.

3. Drivers - Another small scale business to start with no capital is driving. It does not require anything from you than your driving experience and license. You could render your services to people, companies, for hiring, haulage and many more. It can even be done full time, part time or on weekends only. It requires no money to start.
4. Reselling - You can do this on a small scale with no capital and earn good profit from it. You buy either in bulk or in little quantity and resell to people around you. Some people get too busy to buy things themselves, but taking it to them is a good business idea that works. Can also be done online through Ebay, Craigslist, web-hosting companies etc.

5. Sales Representative : The way to do small scale business without huge cash is to act as a sales representative to companies. You get hired full time, part time or on contract basis and get paid at the end either by commission or salary. Sales Representative requires no money but to inform companies by submitting your resume to them. 

These are only a few business ideas for small scale business that can be done with no money. As long as you solve people's problem then you are in for business and you make money. Thank you.


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