How to Start a Small Scale Business in Rural Areas

You can actually start a small scale business anywhere you find yourself even in rural areas where population is low. I'm writing these post based on what i experienced when i was posted to a rural area and i was able to start a small scale business there and i was making good money in the rural area despite the low population in that areas and other challenges.

Small scale businesses can be in any form as long as you satisfy the wants of people in the area. Its not like people in the rural areas do not have good business ideas but factors like bad road, lack of stable electricity, poor water system, lack of large market, low population and many more are things that affect small scale business in rural areas.

small scale business i rural areas

Below are some small scale business you can do to make money in the rural areas especially in some part of Africa or other countries. Some which includes;
1. Phone Charging : One of the major problems of people living in rural areas is lack of electricity where good number of them don't have electricity to charge their phones. You can just start a small business solving these problem by constructing a long socket box with a small generator to charge people's phone for token. This can generate good income for you as you live with people in the village.

2. Soccer Viewing Centre : When i was in a village as in a rural settings, i notice that i could not watch live EPL matches or Spanish football because am a lover of football, i just called the people in the area to go to the city, buy a cable decoder, get a large television set and start showing showing football matches for money. This is a small scale business which generate good income either in an urban or rural area.

3. Food Items : You can start a small scale business buying food items in the city and bringing it to the rural area for sale. It may not be the regular food items which they are familiar with but something different like canned foods, groceries, snacks, baked foods etc.
4. Sales of Drugs : Many people living in the rural area do not have access to good drugs so, you can start your small scale business in these area by coming to the cities to buy the drugs and reselling to the people in the rural areas.

5. Bags. Shoes and Cloths Sales : There are good cheap shoes, cloths or bags needed by people in rural areas, so you can use your small business to satisfy their want by buying good, quality materials and reselling to them. A good way to do this is to pay directly to your merchant account online and get it delivered through the transporters from the urban centers.

6. Sales of Laptops/phones : If you buy cheap laptops or smart phones from the urban centre and reselling to the rural settlers at affordable price. They will buy, you will make money and that is the beginning of a good small business.

7. Phone Accessories : Small scale business in the direction of phone accessories like chargers, pouch, phone skin, battery, memory cards, switch are things that seems to be difficult for people in the rural areas to get. Supply them these items and you are already in business.

8. Food item Processing machines : You can get cheap machines that can convert raw food into another form. For example, tubers of yam can be converted into powdered yam, fresh tomatoes to canned tomatoes and generally helping them to avoid wastage can be the best small scale business you can start in a rural area.

9.Teaching: You can start a tutorial class to teach the children of people in rural areas fr money. If you make your lesson very cheap and you teach good, then out of nothing, they will still have to pay the teacher that teaches their children since its cheap.

There are many other small scale business that generate good profit even in the rural areas. If you find yourself due to one reason or the other in a rural settlement, explore your environment with our ideas below. Thanks for reading.


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