How to Start a New Business With No Money

You can start a New business with no money using our business ideas explained as you read on. Either you already have a business you are running, just feel like starting a new business without spending much or you want to earn extra money from a new business, the business ideas below are the best.
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New businesses can either be in small scale or large scale and can also be in different type but depends on satisfying the wants of people in the area. If you are to start a new business in your area and you really do not have much money to spend on the business, just look around your locality, identify various problems that can be solved in the area through your little energy or skill and you're already in business.

Below are few list of new small business you can do for better profit. Some which includes; 
Ideas to Start a New Business With No Money

1. Phone Charging -  This is a new business which is currently being done in area of Africa where electricity is lacking. This may not be a common small business in regions like USA, UK, CANADA and EUROPE but very common in other African Countries due to shortage in electric power supply  in which people don't have electricity to charge their mobile phones. You can start this kind of small business by constructing a wooden charging circuit box and get paid for your services.

2. Viewing Centre - One of the best ideas to start a new business in your area is to start a viewing centre preferably sport center. Viewing center is very lucrative and can be done in any part of the world. The new football season is fast approaching and one of the lucrative business you can start is to get a space, buy a decoder, also get a big size TV and that all.

3. Food Items : Its may not be new business but if you still walk long distance before getting a food stuff in your area, then its a new business which you need with a matter of urgency. You can decide to sell raw food items, cooked food, canned food, baked foods and many more. Remember that good packaging is the basic thing you need in these business.
4. Bags,Shoes and Cloths Sales - People still want cheap cloths, bags, shoes etc which means you can still start a new business in these field of buying and selling of cloths, shoes and bags. The few stuffs my sister brought from Dubai was sold within a week which means the demand for such is high. 

5. Sales of Laptops/Phones - This is a new line of business where people want to get cheap and affordable phones.You can buy some of these smart phones and laptops cheaply and in large quantities from wholesales store or imported online and resell to people around you.

6. Phone Accessories : You can start a new business selling phone accessories like USB cable, bluetooth,  chargers, pouch, phone skin, battery, memory cards, switch etc . People needs those things and supplying this accessories seems to be highly profitable.

7.Teaching: You can start your new business in the direction of teaching. With teaching, you don't need to sell or buy anything but to render a service such as teaching for money. If the  lesson is cheap then people will come for it.

8. Internet Business: The internet is such a wide place where various things happens such as buying and selling, entertainment, research, music, videos, pics, chat as well as online money making programs. New business you can start online includes blogging, Adsense, affiliate marketing, fiverr, article marketing etc.

These are ideas for new business that are profitable and can generate steady income. Thanks for reading.


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