How to Sell Successfully on eBay

eBay has been seen as the biggest market place or store on the internet and many people have been listing their items for sale on eBay while others being trading and earning money through their items listed on the site and earning money into their PayPal account.
selling on eBay
To have a successful sales on eBay, you need to follow some guidelines and these rules are what increases sales and i bet you that more orders be coming your way. I tried using these ideas and ever since, the order for my stuffs on eBay has greatly increased especially if you use eBay's site to sell online.

To start selling online using eBay, you need a working email account and also a verified PayPal accounts, if you have the two items, then you can open eBay account which seems to be very easy and fast. After then, you can choose a nice seller's name and begin to list your items on the site for sale..

Now, to sell successfully on eBay, below are some of the guidelines you need to follow which include:

1. Do not deceive: To have people buy your product on eBay, you need to display a product/item that is good and you need to be honest by proving an item in a perfect condition. When you list an item in it perfect condition, you customer will always come for more and your sales will increase on eBay which means you don't need to deceive your buyers with an inferior stuffs.

2. Snap good pictures: One of the things that attracts buyers to your product is the pics it display. You need to provide the best picture of the item using a very good device and you can also post a picture of an anonymous fellow using the product e,g cloths, bags or shoes. You also need to select a very nice background pics for your item and make it cheap. Doing this, your items will get increasing orders from buyers.

3. Good Package : Packaging is one of the best thing that matters most when it comes to buying and selling on eBay. You need to package your stuffs very well, ensure its well packed and the items are fragile goods, then ensure you get the best cover to avoid breakage.

4. Fix all Damages: Your customers/buyers want the best which means that you need to fix any damages on the product. For instance, if you want to sell a laptop, and you know the screen is damaged why not fix it before listing on eBay. It give your product a credibility with increase in sales.Simple fixes will allow you to sell better.

5. Make Neat : If what your items are cloths, shirts, women's wear, men shirt, try as much as possible to make it neat by ironing the shirt or any rough surface on the cloth. This will boost your orders on eBay.

6. Detailed measurements: One of the things that works well for me on eBay is giving out the detail measurement of the product. For example, you can give information pertaining the size of the laptop, size or RAM, size of HDD, Processor speed, color etc. You can also provide the actual figure of length, width, depth , size, height of items.

7. Take Pics of Interior: A buyer on eBay will like to see the inner pics, side view, front or back view of the item he/she wants to buy. You need to take note of these when taking pictures of  the product. People want to see the beauty of the shoe in different views which you must provide in pictures.

8. Brand Name: Never forget to include a brand name on the item, the manufacturer e.g for laptop (hp, mac, lenovo, Sony, Samsung, dell), for phones (apple, nokia, htc,samsung, sony) and many more but if its a locally made product by you then indicate.

These are rules, guideline or thing you can do before listing your items on eBay and am sure it will increase orders for your stuffs, more money will be made and you become successful with your items on the site. Thanks for reading.


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