How to Report Online Fraud

For people who do business online, you will experience various fraudulent act or scams on the Internet which i believe are very rampant this days. In order to prevent being defrauded online, we are making this post just to prevent the innocent ones from falling for online fraud and ways to report them to the appropriate authorities.

The internet is a big market place which also provides anonymity for scammers. The online fraudster can build numerous email addresses or websites which they use as tool,  which also  aid their scam activities thereby making them untraceable.

In order to prevent being a victim of  Online fraud, then you need to report any case of fraud you experience online using our ideas stated below.

1. Internet Authorities: The best thing to do in case of online fraud is to report any case of scam you witness to your state Internet authority telling down that you've been scammed or a friend of yours have been scammed. For instance, you can file a report to the appropriate authority telling the fraudulent act.

online fraud
2. Google: The best way to report an online fraud or a fraudster is to report to Google. Most people search for credible internet business through Google search to know how genuine the business owner is. If you notice a scam online or you catch the person involved, then you need to report to Google using Google form for scam. Another way to do this is by posting to forums, Facebook wall, blogs leaving the scammers site and email on the site. Google will crawl such site and the person name will be on Google search within the shortest time.

3. Police: I really don't know if the police department can arrest for online fraud because they may not know the scammer due to irregular identities but reporting the case to police is good because they know what to do by taking necessary actions on fraudulent activities reported.

4. Blogging: If you have a blog or you know few people who own blogs, then you can report your claims to them. They blog about it and the fraudster will be avoided online, this will prevent any future incident of fraud by other people and to prevent others from falling for the same scam by stumbling through the blog post.

5. Payment Gateway: You can report any case of fraud to the payment gateway you use to pay the fraudster. Even if the scammer did not use his/her original name on social media, you can report to the bank, Paypal or any means of payment you use to pay the individual.

These are ways you can report cases of online fraud and i believe the information provided here will keep you save from online scam. Thanks for reading.


  1. The only thing i will say here is for you to just be careful in giving out your info online. that is it


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