How to Protect Your Domain Name or Lose it

Someone came to me and explaining if could help him recover his site domain that was lost to someone else because that his one side of his business that was lost. He waited few days after expiration of his domain and someone else parked the domain which became an issue.

Do not forget the fact that your domain name is an important aspect of your business/brand and to lose such an important aspect could be too risky. But still, people lose their domain name due to carelessness because they forget to renew their site domain before expiry and some do not keep their domain contact information in a safe place, booklet or notepad.

One of the ways to lose a domain name is to ignore or fail to renew an expired domain name forgetting that there are people who will grab this opportunity grab when surfing the internet for expired domains. Some people may even demand huge ransom to get your domain name back which is usually a difficult decision to take.

How to Protect Your Domain Names

1. To protect your domain name, just Activate the 'Domain Lock' feature with your registrar which is usually for a few cents. This will help you secure the domain by preventing suspicious attack on site, contact info, DNS servers and other act to steal the domains.

2. Another safe way to Keep protect your domain name is to write your contact information, email address, password in a paper or diary.Its one of the safest ways to remember password and other registration of domain info.

3. One way to protect and keep your domain names is to take note of important notification from the registrar just to be sure your you don not fall for phishing mails from fake domain registrars.

domain name
4. To keep your domains safe, take seriously occasional Whois Confirmation emails sent by domain registrars to domain owners which gives them a high level of security to correct old and outdated information.

5. The best way to protect a domain name is to cultivate the habit of renewing before expiry date. If you leave your domains for few days after expiry, you do not know who is after the domain name and you get stuck. Be protective about your domains by checking the renewal status regularly.

6. Popular ways to secure a domain name is to check other features on the domain when it comes to security. It can cost you few dollars or cent but at times, it worth it.

Since securing your domain name, website is synonymous to securing your business, then use the ideas above to keep your domain name safe. Thanks for reading.


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