How to Prevent Someone Stealing Your Customers

If you are business owner or you manage a business for someone else, you will notice that the competition will increase especially the business is booming. Someone else will like to start your kind of business and do all possible things to steal your customers using various means.

If you lose customers to other people or your competitors daily, it means you are not doing what others are doing and your customers are attracted to other business ventures. Now there are ways you can avoid someone stealing your customers instead, you steal other people's customers where you earn more money.

Either you business is an online business or real business outside the internet, ways to keep your customers save from going to buy from others includes;

1. Collect their Phone Numbers: To avoid someone else stealing your customers, you should learn to collect your buyers/customers phone numbers which can be done through duplicate of reciept, invoice, cards or you ask them to give you. This is the most effective way to keep a customers because you can reach out to such customer any time by calling.

2. Collect their email addresses: Another effective way to prevent someone from stealing your customers is to collect their email address which can be achieved by including in your reciept, invoice, cards or you ask them to give you. This is one of effective way to keep a customers because you can reach out to such customer any time by sending them mails periodically.
3. Keep in Touch: You can keep your customers by keeping in touch and how do you do this? you just give them a call, send mails, visit them if the house is not far and do all possible thing to get closer to your customers. If you do this, you won't lose them to your competitors.

4. Add new Stuffs: If your business is online, continue to add new contents, information and if yours is offline, then buy new stuffs and remove old stocks from your store. Customers want new things, new product e.g cream, after shave, food items, cloths, bags etc.

5. Give Gifts: I was surprised to enter a bank and they offered me sweet and coffee, this is a good strategy to keep customers. You can also give free and inexpensive gift to your loyal customers, it helps. Especially during festive periods which is fast approaching, you need to give your customers a package as gift.

6. Solve Problems: To keep your customers, ensure your business is a kind of business that solves immediate problems. McDonalds is making so much money from snacks because people need to eat and must be fast. If it requires you to deliver the items for your customers at home, then do so. It will prevent your customers from hijack by other business owner.

7. Be their Friends on Social Networks: Another good way to prevent another person stealing your customers is to be their friends on Facebook. Create a Facebook page for your customers, invite them and discuss with them. Post pics of new stocks or information, they will come to your store to check. This is very effective because it keep and tie them to your business without losing them

8. Learn from Others: You can also keep your customers and not lose them to other people by learning from other businesses. You will learn what makes people go to other store and use the ideas for your own business too.

Not all things are spiritual and many people thinks if their not selling or if they are losing their customers not knowing their simple things that can keep their customers for them. Thanks for reading.


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