How to Make Money Online With No Idea of What to Do

Let me rephrase the heading of this topic may be you will understand it properly "How to Earn Money Online Without Having any Idea" 

When i heard about making money online, i started searching for the profitable ones even when i had no idea of what internet business is all about. I don't even know where to start and the kind of online business i can do to make money online. I had no skills, no writing skills, no programming ideas, can't even create a website etc. 

making money but no ideas

Most people do not have an idea on what to do on the internet  to earn money but if you are in this category of not having any idea on things to do online that generates income,  then this post is of good important to you as you read on. 

Let me begin to give you ideas on how to make money online without no ideas of what to do, which am going to list and describe below. 

1. Create a Free Blog Site : Even me do not know how to create a blog but today i create blogs for people without learning it from anybody except Google. Just type how to create a blog on Google search box and you will see thousands of free explanation that will show up with pictures or pdf format.  You can create a blog of your own within few seconds, cheap and free through platform like Blogger or WordPress. If you had no idea of what to do to make money online, am asking you to create a free blog now because the blog will soon become a tool for you to do business online and make money too. There are many ways you can make money through your blog but just create a blog first, add some contents of your choice which is called the niche. Share the link on your social networks like Facebook or Twitter (driving traffic). Just keep doing that and keep the blog growing for the most suitable ways to monetize it either through Google Adsense or other PPC Programs.

2. Sign up on ClickBank:  The next money making online ideas for those who do not have an idea on what to do online is to visit, read their terms and condition, register as a vendor and choose a product based on your niche. This is called affiliate marketing which is one of the best way to make money online. As an affiliate, you advertise other people's product through your website. What you do is to copy the product banner code on clickbank, paste it on your blog and drive traffic to the site. You will get paid through sales,leads or click generate to the banner or link provided to you.

3. Create or Edit Videos: If you want to start earning money online without any ideas on what to do, i suggest you start editing some of the videos on your phone, laptops or you just create original videos on something, upload it on YouTube, post it and share the link with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can make money from these by monetizing the video with Adsense just at the right hand side top of the YouTube dashboard. Google will begin to display adverts on the blog and you get your money from clicks, views and impressions from the videos.

4. Register for Adsense: This only applies if you post unique contents on your blog, you have a good design for your blog and your blog is already having some traffic. With Adsense you can monetize the traffic to generate income. This is one of the best way people make money online with their blogs directly into their bank account.

5. Fiverr: If you want to earn some money online but you don't know what to do, then you can get paid in dollars per hour, daily or monthly with sites like fiverr. Even if you don't know what to do, you have some skills and any skills you have in never a waste on fiverr. You can create a gig for $5 for your skills and get paid for it through bids from their customers. You gig can be anything ranging from song writing, article writing, art, photography, logo design, web design, programming etc.

So. if you don't know what to do online to make money or you lack ideas on how to start any business online then the information above are trusted and tested programs that works. Thanks for reading


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