How to Make Money Online by Drawing

I have seen people make money online by drawing pictures, painting or through other fine art skills but some people wonder how they can make money online through their drawing. If you know draw,  how to paint, how to sketch, then this is your opportunity to start earning money online through your drawing skills. 

There are many things you can do to get drawing jobs online and sites to work with. There are some individuals or companies on the internet that do look for people who can draw very well to help them draw and get paid after the task is completed. 

1. You can work for yourself online or work for companies to pay you to draw for them. Some companies even mail drawing jobs for you draw by scanning and get it back when you complete it. Whenever they have a drawing project, they will email it to you and you will draw them and send back to the company. Some of the site includes,,  and On this site, you register as a tutor and based on some of your drawings, you can be called to start working online with the companies.
2. Another way to make money online by drawing is to regsiter with sites like fiverr and zeerk. They are micro jobs and what you only need to do is to create a gigs, advertise the gig by the time others will be coming your way, you will be happy. For instance, i will draw a picture of you @ $5. If you have more orders on this, you earn more money online through your drawings.

3.  Another way to make money through the internet by drawing is to blog about your drawing skills, post useful drawings, people can place adverts on your blog ad you get paid.

4. Another good way to earn money online drawing is to post samples of your images, paintings, sketch etc on your social networks like Facebook or Twitter. People will see and ask you the price of the pics, you are already making money from it, Thanks for reading.

5. List some of drawings online or on classified ads site, interested buyer can buy the drawing, get your phone number for a drawing job where you start making money from it as soon as you start posting online about your drawing skills and ability.

These are the ways you can make money online through your drawing, your art skills, painting techniques and every other. Make use of the internet and you will earn more passive income from these ideas. Thanks for reading.


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