How to Make Money From Article Writing in Nigeria

This post was aimed for few people who are really interested in making money through article writing in Nigeria. In the best of my knowledge, i will be sharing ideas on how to earn cash online or offline through article writing in Nigeria and getting paid with ease.

Its quite easy to earn money from article writing online than making money from article writing offline but both ways looks easy to me. As a Nigerian, you don't need to be a professional writer to make money through article writing but constant practice makes perfect as they say.

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If you are a professional writer then that a good way but you also need this information on ways to make money in Nigeria writing articles. Getting articles seems easy for me this days compared to several years ago when i could not even source but to copy some other writers but now i can write at anytime, any day and anywhere and i also know how to make money from my writings. 

Now, if you want to start earning good money either online or offline writing articles and getting paid in Nigeria, then follow these process;

1. Build a Free Blog: The first step you need to generate income from article writing in Nigeria is to start a blog. You can create a free blog for yourself using platforms like Blogger or WordPress. You need a blog for many reasons which are (a) to refer clients to the site  (b) as reference for past works  (b) for evaluation  (d) to make money from Google Adsense or other PPC Programs  (e) for paid post. Importance of each will be discussed as you read on.

2. Never Copy and Paste: I notice that another thing you need to do away with to make money from article writing is copy and paste. The habit of copying and pasting works of other writers is bad. You will never be accepted by PPC programs e.g Google Adsense and many a times, it brings down the trust people have in you as a writer and you may never be contacted for work

3. Be Creative: If you want to make easy money from Article writing in Nigeria then, you need to be creative. You need to write interesting headlines even if there are no new things again to write about but there are existing things that can be refurbished to make new. Your creative writing is a factor to get jobs online as a writer, so, note this.

4. Sign up on Fiverr: After considering step 2 & 3, what you need to do is to sign up on fiverr only if you really know how to write well. Fiverr is a site where many people around the word are ready to offer $5 for your articles. What you need to do is to create a gig about your articles on fiverr e.g I will Write 2 Articles of Over 500words at $5. That is an example of how a gig looks like and many Nigerian are getting paid daily from these.
5. Write for Others: The easiest way to make money online through Article writing in Nigeria as at now is to write for people. There are many bloggers right now in Nigeria and in other part of the world (USA,UK and Canada) who needs your services. Write to them, contact them through the contact us page on their site, tell them about your offer and make it cheap. If you can write an article daily for a website owner at N7000 per month, then for 10 people per month is 7000 x 10 = N70000. That is just an idea on ways to use your article writing skills to earn some money fast.

6. Write Reviews: If you have a blog where you post some of your articles, increase the traffic of the site and register with sites like sponsoredreviews, They still accept people from Nigeria and they pay into your account to write reviews for their advertisers product.
7. Paid Post: This is similar to writing reviews but its very different. I told you to build a blog, make it an established blog, drive traffic to the blog and you will see how fast advertisers will locate you from nowhere for a paid post. I never contacted anybody for a sponsored post but i still wake up to see mails of sponsored post which i charge them cheaply to get more. Currently, sponsored post is the best way i still make money from my blog because i get offer 2-3 times per week which is money. If i can raise $100 from sponsored post alone into my bank account in Nigeria, then article writing pays.

8. Articles Writing Sites: There are article writing sites that still accept people to write for them and get paid. Exaples includes hubpages, bukissa, scriptlance, Elance, freelancers, etc You can Google for more of these, sign up with them and start making money online with article writing in Nigeria.

9. Offline Adverts : I was just sited in an event when i saw an adverts asking people to submit articles for a particular column of the bulletin. I called the publisher and i ask can i write for your publication for cash and that was how i was able to become a permanent writer for such magazines. You too can also do that, their are many newspapers, magazines, bulletin, ta-plods etc that need writers, send a mail to them and tell them you can write for them for a token.

These are ways to earn money from article writing in Nigeria. Its been tested and as i am typing this post, my articles are already going viral and getting paid for it. You too can also make money in Nigeria through article writing. Thanks for reading.


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  2. You welcome Gloria, thanks for commenting on this post and i believe you learnt few things from here.


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