How to Make Dollars On the Internet

I really do not know how high the rate of exchange of dollars is to the currency of your country but in the part of the world where i belong, dollars really make lot of sense and we love making dollars especially through the internet. You can earn dollars into your local bank account doing work online in front of your internet connected computers or phones.

How do i earn dollars through the Internet? The internet is a big market place where people make dollars online through various sites and online money making programs. There are many sites online where you can work and earn dollars working from home.

Internet Businesses That Pays in Dollars

1. Google Adsense - The first and best way to get paid in dollars is through Google Adsense where you get your finalized earnings in dollars and sent directly to your country's  bank account. Google Adsense is one of the legitimate ways to work with Google and getting paid in dollars through blogging using a free blog site on platforms like blogger or WordPress. Google Adsense pays website/blog owners through the traffic generated on their sites/blogs.To start working online and making dollars through Google Adsense, you need to start a blog, design it well designed, post some useful contents, drive traffic and monetize with Adsense to allow Google display ads on the site. 

2.Sport Prediction - This is another way to make dollars on the internet placing bet on various sport events. You make dollars into your bank account by placing bet from different sports such as football, tennis, Basketball, Live event etc. There are legit soccer betting site that pay in dollars, make your prediction and get paid.

3. Affiliate Marketing - This is a program that serves as a source of generating dollars through the internet. Most affiliate site pays in dollars directly into the payment option they chosen. Affiliate Marketing is the selling of self product or other people's product on your site by placing the advertiser's product banner on your site and driving traffic to it. You get paid in dollars by commission on sales, leads or clicks generated through your site.Some affiliate sites that pays in dollars includes Peerfly, ShareAsale, Clickbank, Commission junction, eBay, Amazon.

4. Sales of eBook - You can begin to make dollars online by creating and selling eBook and listing it online and getting paid. You need to write a good article, convert it into PDF file format and design a simple sales page and driving traffic through it using a paid method to get paid in dollars.

make dollars
5. Sell Something - The fastest way to make dollars into your account is to pick a product and sell on the internet. You can also sell a service, a product and getting paid in dollars selling online..

6.Paid Post - The best way to make dollars through a blog is sponsored post. Sponsored post involves writing, selling links on your site if your site has the traffic and rank. You can begin to get one or two paid post per week and when you bill them like $25 - $35 then you have money. To get more sponsored post, good traffic, rank, domain authority, Alexa etc  and you charge them in dollars.

7. Fiverr:  This is a micro jobs site where you make money through your skills in form of gigs for $5. You can write articles, create videos, create podcast, write songs, design banners, design logo etc. You earn money in dollars through this site especially if you really have something to offer.

These are ways to make dollars on the internet which we've explained above. Thanks for reading.


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