How to Earn Money Online Without Investment by Surveys

Paid Surveys is one of the old online money making where people get paid per hour filling surveys for money. Paid surveys is the only way to work and earn money online without investment because you really do not need invest anything but just an unused email and your internet.

Paid surveys

Paid Surveys do not require any special computer skills, any programming skills, you don't need to market anything but your time, internet and valid working email address. There are only few paid surveys panels that pay and they are located in the United State, Canada or United Kingdom. It means if you don't reside in USA, Canada or UK, you will need to change your ip address, get a virtual address and payment gateway like PayPal to receive your earnings.
Just as i said the other time, you can earn money online without investment by taking Paid surveys especially when you register with multiple surveys site like 6 - 20. The things you need to get before taking surveys online for money includes;
  • A working email
  • A PayPal account
  • A working US Phone number(not compulsory)
  • A US Address
  •  Your Time
You can start taking paid surveys by taking the following steps

1. Get a new email different from your original email
2. If you are not in USA, Canada or UK, change your ip address or use a vpn to surf anonymously
3. Register with a US, UK or Canadian Ip address, provide real address and mobile phone number
4.  You must be 18yrs and above to register
5. Visit sites like PineconeResearch, Survey Head, Opinion Outpost, Toluna or Globaltestmarket, SwagBucks etc
6. Get a Roboform software to auttomatically fill your forms on multiple sites.

After doing the above info ready, you can then start filling your profile in each site, this will enable the site serve you surveys based on your interest. You don't need to pay a dime for any survey panel to join but very free with no investment.

If you follow this guide, you will make money through the various survey panel by completing their surveys which usually take few minutes like 7 - 10min per surveys. 

The only problem here is that if you register with the wrong surveys site, then you are wasting time because you won't get paid when you reach payout since many of them are scam. 

Just Google for more reviews about the survey panel you want to work with to be sure if its actually legitimate and if it pay promptly. Do this you will earn money online without investment through surveys. Thanks


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