How to Earn Money From Blogspot

How Can i Make Money from Blogspot?  Because you are blogging on a free blogspot platform doesn't mean you won't earn money online from blogging. Blogging is the best ways to make money online but takes some time to mature and you must post quality contents to the blog regularly to gain popularity on the internet.
earn money online blogging

Blogspot is a very beautiful platforms to make money online through blogging and the same way WordPress users make money is also the same way blogspot also do but depends on the traffic the blog is generating and not the platform. To make money from Blogspot, you need to do the following;

How to Earn Money From a Blogspot

1. Create a Blog: To start making money through blogspot, go to blogger and create a free website, design it using good template and begin to add contents to the site site. If you have done this, that is the first step to making money from blogspot. The next step is to share your contents on social networks like Facebook or Twitter to gain more traffic to the blog.

2. Use Adsense: As soon as the contents is getting you some traffic then, you need to monetize the traffic by registering with Adsense and placing their codes on your site to display adverts. Google will pay you at the end of the month or when your earnings get up to payout which is dominated in Euros or Dollars. Its just like renting a space at a corner of the newspaper for adverts, the same way it is for your blog. It means you can rent your space for Google advertisers to display their ads in exchange for few cash irresptive of whether you site is on blogspot or not.

3. Register with Affiliate sites: So far you are adding some contents regularly to your blogspot blog, the best way to make money from it is to register with some affiliate site that pay well and place the banner codes of the product on your site. You will get paid per clicks, leads or sale depending on the affiliate site you user leads and the region of your site traffic.

 4. Sponsored Post: This is a way to make money from blogspot if your blog is on this platform. Blogspot blogs with good traffic can generate good amount of money for the owner if the blog accept paid post from advertisers. You only need to work on your blog to have good traffic, rank or Authourity and advertisers will find you for a paid post even though its a blogspot blog.
5. Paid Reviews : This is a way to make money with your blogspot blog if you have some good contents and traffic. Try as much as possible to work on the blog for traffic and popularity,  advertisers will come for reviews. Writing reviews means recommending a product or services through your blog post and getting paid for it. The best sites for these includes reviewme and sponsored  reviews where you get paid in dollars for your work.

These are ways earn money online on blogspot or with your blogspot blog. This blog is also hosted on blogspot but with a custom domain and we have been using the method we described above as the best way of generating income from blogspot site. Thanks for readin.


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