How to Display Adsense Ads at Homepage Only on Blogger

For every new things i do or any widget i install on my blog, i will always post the steps on my blog for people to see in as much as the widget gave some changes. This time, am going to teach you simple steps on how to make your Adsense ads show on homepage alone and not on individual pages

Adsense Size

The reason i did was to maximize the revenue coming from Adsense by placing the requires Ad Sizes at the right place. If you look at my blog, you will notice that the number of Adsense size on individual post differs from the one at homepage. I don't want a particular Adsize to display on all the pages but i want it on home page. 

To make display Adsense ads on home page only and without displaying on other pages, you need to follow these process;
1. Login to Blogger Dashboard

2. Create the New Adsense Unit of any size you want and get the code.
3. Click on the Layout Icon

4. Click on Add a Gadget, Open the HTML/Javascript and paste the Adsense codes on the side bar or any where you want it and SAVE.

5.  Go back to the Html/Javascript and right click on the edit menu to copy the link address which looks like,

6. Take note of HTML7 or copy it somewhere.

7. Go back to Template Icon and Click on Edit Template

8. Press CTRL + F and find the widget ID you copied in step 6

9.  In the line directly below that widget ID, you should see this piece of code:
      <b:includable id='main'>

10. Just below the code in 9 above, paste <b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> 

11. Scroll down like 5 to 8 lines till you find       </b:includable>

12.  Just above the code in step 11, paste    </b:if>

13.  Then SAVE it

It will display the Adsense you insert in the Html/Javascript on at home page just like the way it displays on my site above
For any reason best known to you, you can do this and just like i got positive result on my Adsense revenue, you also can do it yourself. Thanks for reading and Happy Blogging.


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