How to Create a Money Making Blog

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How Can i Create a Blog that Make Money? If you desire to create a money making blog and to generate a steady income through the blog, you are reading the right post which provide all the information you need.

To create a money making blog that will bring steady cash for you, you need to start with the information below.

1. Identify the Niche: If you are to create a blog for money, then the first thing is to identify and choose a profitable niche for the blog. A money making blog means business and should be treated as one. So, you just need to search online niche that are high in profit which i believe insurance, cars, loan, technology, business, health education are all good niche to blog about for money.

2. Platform: To create a money making blog,another thing you need just after identifying the niche is to choose the platform you want either Blogger or WordPress platform. I started with Blogger and now i believe WordPress is a better platform because you own the site and you are not subjected to some rules or other policies which you may not like when using blogger. If you want to use WordPress, you need to buy a hosting which might come with a custom domain name. install and start blogging if you want it on blogger, then you its completely free, just register with your gmail and follow the process.

3. Post Contents: After choosing the platform, domain name, hosting, templates etc what you need next is to create contents. This means you need to start writing original post and not copy and paste like other bloggers do. If you want your blog to standout and become a money making blog, start by writing original and creative articles for your readers and search engine.

4. Social Networks: Another thing that is required of you to make your blog a money making blog is to be actively involve in social networks interaction such as creating a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram and posting your blog link to generate traffic to the blog.

5. Adverts: Creating a money making blog without spending few dollars for adverts might not be realistic. You need to create paid adverts/campiagn like Facebook ads or Google Adsword for the blog. This will bost it traffic which attract advertisers to the blog within th shortest period and your blog begins to generate cash for yo through it exposure.

6. Seo: This is called search engine optimization and i recommend white hat seo like link building, meta tag description, keyword research and many more. If you are not sure on how to do this, you can outsource it to search engine optimization expert for a token

7. Integare PPC Sites: If your blog is begining to generate some traffic then, its time for you to implement the best pay per click program to make money from the site as a starter.I recommend you start with Google Adsense or otherlaternative like infolinks, chitika or bidvertiser.

All these are criteria that makes a money making blog and can be achieved easily. I think you could follow these explanation and create your money making blog by yourself whichj i believe within the shortest period you will begin to smile to the bank. Thanks for reading.


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