How Do Blogger Make Money

A friend sent this question to my mail "how do bloggers make money online" which i felt other people can read through a blog post.

Blogging is one of the lucrative business you can do online to earn some extra cash online. To become a blogger, you need to create a free blog either on blogger or wordpress platform but whichever you choose works great.

After creating your blog, give it a custom domain name, install nice and resposive template and you start posting contents immediately. If you do this, you are already a blogger and how to make money from your blog as a blogger, you must drive traffic to the site through free or paid means, allow the blog to grow in search result, ranks and popularity and to make money from the blog as a blogger wont be a problem but easy.

If you can take time to achieve all these requirements, you are then qualify to start earning money as a blogger using the folowing programs;

1. Google Adsense: For most bloggers,the first thing that comes to their mind even before they start blogging is to start making money from Google Adsense. If you have a blog or you have blogs with good contents, good traffic and visits, then you need to start making money from the blog by registering with Adsense and pasting their codes on your site. For every valid clicks on Ads display by Google, you make money which will be sent to your bank account when the earnings reaches payout.

2. Sposored Post: One of the credible way to earn money as a blogger is through paid post which is also known as sponsored post. This involves writing or accepting article from other website owners and getting paid for this article. You can also offer a do-follow link for the blog owner who is expecting some traffic to the product/business or site through your blog.

3. Reviews: This similar to sponsored post just that you only write or accept reviews of product or business and post it on your blogs. Advertisers are ready to pay if your price is cheap and your site has the rank and traffic for this project and you start making money from your blog steadily.

4. Affiliate Marketing: The best way to make money as blogger is through affiliate marketing which involves selling other people's product through your site and getting paid for it. You only copy and paste the code of the affiliate site on your blog and you get paid for every traffic, leads, clicks or sales the product get based on your site traffic and region. Its better because you don't need to write any thing or promotion but as you are driving traffic to your blog, you are also driving traffic to the product banner.

5. Article Writing: Blogger also make money online through their blogd by writing articles and posting it to article sharing site where they insert their Adsense codes on the site and get paid based on percentage on revenue sharing.
6. Selling of Blogs; Some blog owners do make money through creating of blogs and flipping it for sale especially if its a niche blog or blog hosted on wordpress and not on blogger. Some blog owners will just post some contents and resell the blog. Its quite easy to make money from that.

These are ways blogger make money through their blogs the easy style. If you have a blog, just keep updating it and adveritsers will find you for money soon. Thanks for reading.


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