High Paying Online Jobs for Teenagers

In our last post, we described few jobs teenagers can do to make money online using their internet and computers or phones. Now, we will be listing and explaining high paying online jobs for teenagers around eithert in college or not.
There are high paying online jobs for teenagers to make money without paying any money to start. your money or you claim your earnings yourself, then you are in for a real and high paying online business.

high paying jobs
Some of the high paying online jobs for teenagers or online businesses a teenager can do to get paid weekly, monthly or daily includes;
1. Blogging: Blogging may not be high paying at first but when you start it early, it will work, your blog will gain popularity, traffic, search engine optimization and becomes a high paying one.Just as a said in the previous post, a teenager can create a blogn for free using blogger.com or WordPress.org as a platform. Make research on how to Upload responsive template to the blog, buy a c heap domain name and begin to publish some useful contents on the blog based on the niche. You can also drive traffic to the blog through Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many more.  Blogging is high paying but requires work in the area of starting early. High earnings can come your way when you begin to drive traffic to the blog and implementing good pay per click programs like Adsense, writing sponsored post, Selling Ads Spaceand many more.

2. Google Adsense: Another high paying online jobs for teenagers is to work with Adsense which is done by registering and integrating Adsense codes on your blog or videos. If your blog is having considerable amount of traffic, then you will needs Adsense just to monetize the traffic from the site and you are already earning dollars through your blog as a teen. Your parent will be proud of you to start making money early as a teenager but you will mind what you post on the blog which should not contain sex, pornography, violence, hacks, and many more.

3. Article Writing: This is one of the highly rated online jobs for teenagers because it easy and can be done at home, after school, at night or anywhere. You can write articles on your phone notepad, save it and meet site owners, publishers infroming them about writing articles for them at a give away price. You can also write articles for freelance sites triond, fiverr, elance, rentacoder, getacoder, freelancer, helium, bukissa, hubpages and get paid for it.
4. Fiverr: I recommende fiver for teens that have skills in writing, designing, logo making, singing, instrument, programming, web design, art, cratf etc to join this site called fiverr and start posting their services as gigs for $5. Fiverr is a site where buyers and sellers meet over a gig. Fiverr is high paying because you can get jobs on the site at $5. If you get 3 orders on your gig per day, then it becomes 3 x $5 = $15. The more you advertise the gig, the more the order you get. So its on the high side but you must have a service you want to render and why people should order from you.

5. YouTube Videos: Anyday anytime, i will suggest creating videos and sending it to YouTube as one of high paying jobs for teenagers. If people find you videos interesting, tyhey can order for your services in helping them create a video for business or you can also be called upon to edit a video material based on what you posted on YouTube earlier. You can also make good money by monetizing your Videos with your Adsense which you can find just at the right hand corner of your YouTube dashboard. Its all about traffic which i believe your Facebook or Twitter page can help in that area.

If you are a teenager and you need work, then check the high paying online jobs for teenagers pasted above. I believe it will help you to earn some extra money from home.


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