Easy Ways to Start an Online Business as a Fresh Graduate

In the part of the world where i live (Nigeria to be precised), fresh graduate are usually are usually in search of job or business since unemployment rampant but i suggest a fresh graduate start an online business as an alternative to joblessness.

For fresh graduate, there are several internet businesses that are easy to start ways to start but not many of these make money online programs are reliable. Based on experience, the easy way to start an online business for fresh graduate includes;

How to Make Money Online as a Fresh Graduate

1. Monetizing YouTube Videos - As a fresh graduate from the university or college, you can make money online through YouTube. YouTube is a video sharing social network and you can start Creating/editing videos, spread on social media like Facebook or Twitter, find other ways of driving traffic to the videos and make money through the videos by uploading it on Facebook and monetizing the video with Google Adsense. Google Adsense does not have any restriction pays directly into your local bank account at Payout.

2. Affiliate Marketing - This is the best and easy way to make money online as a fresh graduate doing online business. Affiliate Marketing involves selling other people's product by placing the product banner on your site. If the site or blog is high in traffic then its better but if the blog/site is low in traffic you can drive traffic through paid adverts like Facebook ads or Google Adwords.The traffic later converts into leads, sales, leads or clicks. The commission earned will be based on leads, sales or click obtained through your site. There are many affiliate sites that pays based on location but if you reside in USA, UK or Canada then Clickbank, Commission Junction, Peerfly, ShareAsale etc are good option.
make money online
3.Freelance jobs
- An easy way to start an online business is through various online freelance jobs. You can be a writer, translator, online interpreter, designer, coder etc. Freelance sites collect jobs from different companies online and outsource or hire freelance workers to help them out to get paid at the completion of the job. Recommended freelance sites are Odesk, freelancer, elance, rentacoder, ifreelance, getafreelancer, freelancer.net etc. Feel free to Google more reliable freelance site to work with as a fresh graduate.

4. Fiverr - If you have a special skills like writing, creating videos, creating podcast, designing logo, drawing, designing website, make people laugh etc then as a fresh graduate, an easy way to make money through online business is to head over to fiverr. Fiverr is a site where you post a gig for $5. The gig means the services you render and can be completed within the shortest period of time.

5. Blogging: One of the best internet/online businesses i will recommend for fresh or new graduate is Blogging. Blogging is easy because it only involve creating a free site on platform like blogger or WordPress, post some contents based on the niche and start making money through the blog using various ways. It may take time to mature to the level where you get paid but within few years or month you will beg the money to stop flowing.

These are easy ways to start an online business for fresh graduate to make money online. You don't need to sit at home and wait for the join to come, just start any one of these. If you have a question, please you the comment box below to get your questions answered. Thanks for reading.


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