Best Internet Jobs for Teens

Apart from attending colleges, there are jobs teenagers can do online to earn some cash for theselves without any cost or investment. I know many teenagers usually have good phones and laptops that are connected to the internet, that is the only too required for the internet jobs for teens.

teenage internet jobs

I think we need to enlighten the teenagers also on ways to be productive, to generate income through simple internet jobs that pay teens. Some of the internet jobs for teens includes;

1. Blogging: One of the important jobs teenagers can do online is to start blogging. As a teenager, you can create a free blog for yourself through or Upload good template, give it a custome domain which is very cheap like $4 - $8 from good domain registrars. After creating the free blog, you can begin to post some contents on the blog, share it on your Facebook wall and that is it.  Blogging is recommended for teens because of it earning potential. You can make money through your blog in various means such as affiliate marketing, sponsored post, selling ads space, writing reviews and making money through Pay Per Click sites such as Google Adsense and others.

2. Google Adsense: After establishing a blog for yourself, you can register with Google Adsense through your blog which allow you to start making some cash from the traffic generated through the site. Although seeking Adsense for your blog may not be the first thing but as soon as the blog is growing, traffic increasing, blog getting popular, then you need to start making money from your blog. I wish i started my blog early enough while in college, by now i should have been making good money from the site by now. I recommend this for teenagers because its simple and easy to make money with it.

3. Article Writing: One of the best internet jobs i can suggest for any teenager to start making money online is article writing. I use to say that article writing does not require you to be the best writer but with time, you will gain perfection. Their many article writing site you can write for, sites like elance, rentacoder, getacoder, freelancer, helium, bukissa, hubpages all over clients who are look for article witers for cash.
4. Paid Surveys: If you are teenager and you seek work to do online, you can start filling forms online and get paid for the time. Some surveys sites accept teens and you get paid few dollars per hour or per surveys. You can also visits like swagbucks to explore some of the potentials on the site. Am sure you will see something that can earn you money on the site.

5. Fiverr: Fiverr is a micro jobs site where you can teens can also work for money. If you have a special skills like songwriting, web design, voice, logo design, article writing, cratf, and many more. You can regsiter on the site, post your skills as gigs and people will order for it as long as you can do what you created. For example, "i will do animated pics of you for $5" or something more interesting.

6. YouTube Videos: The best internet jobs for teens now is to create video, upload it to YouTube and monetize it with the same Adsense you register with while blogging. Its a chance to double Adsense earnings. I suggest these jobs for teenagers because it simple and existence videos you see around can also be edited and reuploaded to YouTube where you start generating money from the viewss the videos get.

The Internet jobs posted above are those i recommend for teenagers to earn money through the internet. The online jobs are simple and the teens can cope with these along with their schooling. Thanks for reading.


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