5 Easy Methods to Generate Leads for Free

How Can i Generate Free Leads Easily? I got this question few minutes ago through a reader who wanted to know where and how people generate leads for free and with ease. Am now using this post to enable other readers gain from the answers provided.

What is Lead? Leads are term used in affiliate marketing to describe which tells a pathway followed by a buyer to buy from your site. Leads is generated through a website traffic; Leads is just like stumbling upon a link, banner or site and buying from the site. Its very common among people who do affiliate  marketing to make money online. I will never forget to tell you that affiliate marketing is the best business online as well as the best way to earn money online. Leads is just as a customer which later becomes your buyer.

generating leads

There are many ways to generate leads while some leads generated are achieved through paid method and the other method is completely free. The free and easy ways to generate leads is what we are briefing below;

1. Article Writing is the easiest and quickest method to generate free leads to a product. The only thing required of you is to choose a topic, write about the product/topic in your article which may not be a copy and paste articles. After writing a few words on the topic, post it on high traffic article submission sites and the traffic are generated through that mean. You only write to write good, interesting and original articles describing the importance of the product, leads are generated and people will buy from you but not by telling lies

2. Press releases: Press release is very close to article writing but both are easy ways to generate leads are almost the same way. But to generate leads to press release, you need to ensure the article is very catchy and short. The heading must be very attractive with an interesting description to solve a problem fast. Then, you can then post it to your email subscribers and various websites for traffic. Considerable sales are generated through these leads/traffic of the press release.

3. Videos: Creating videos are new and easy way of generating free leads that turns to buyers. YouTube has really help videos become so relevant especially when it comes to generating leads. You can create a video with your phone, webcam or camcorder with sharp resolutions supports video, ensure the video has lot of values, pass a message to your viewers, make the video as short as possible and upload to YouTube. Drive traffic to the video by sharing on social networks or through paid means, leads are generated through this method.

4. Blogging:  Blogs are a powerful tools used to pass a message to people on the internet. Blogs are free to create and can get across to thousands of people online which may later become potential buyers for your product. You just need to post your articles on your blog, insert good pics and ensure you contents relate to the product you want to sell. relate to you. Remember that people generally buys from people. You can create on platforms like blogger or WordPress which seems to be cheap, drive traffic to the contents on the blog and only with time, leads will be generated and people will buy through the blog.

5. Social media
: Social networks like Facebook or Twitter are effective and most used method to generate free leads. Since its a network that connect people together then you are free to post links of your contents, articles to your Facebook wall or Twitter followers. Using these method, traffic are generated which turns to leads and more product are sold.

I believe the method of generating lead describe in these post are very effective and free to use. You don't need to pay anyone and can also be done by yourself. Those are the method i use to generate traffic, leads and to sell to people stylishly and people buy from me. Thanks for reading


  1. this post show greater potentials for affiliate marketers but i havent seen good affiliate sites that operates well in Nigeria compare the likes of Konga and Jumia whose affiliate stuffs is rubbish. Is there any affiliate site that pay well and accept Nigerians


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