Worst Web Hosting Companies On The Internet

Its not so easy to spot or identify worst web hosting companies on the internet as many of them do claim to be the best host with the best hosting packages. Indeed, there are worst hosting companies or sites and to identify them will be based on some facts which are discussed below.

Worst Web Hosting Sites are real and pose problems to webmasters or site developers and many lead to shortage of funds instead of an enhanced profit. High level of irregularities in hosting services result to bad hosting.

Worst Web hosting companies or sites are ;

1. Hosting with Slow Network services; Some web hosting companies are very slow and operate with very slow server. Such companies are regarded as the worst web hosting companies on the internet.

2. Low Bandwidth; I noticed that some site will promise to offer large bandwidth size and when you buy their hosting plan, you observe you are buying something very small in size. These are classify as worst web hosting companies online

3. Bad Payment system; When a hosting site do not offer a free and easy online payment method like Debit card, Credit card, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard etc then such web hosting companies are regarded as worst.

worst web host
4. Slow delivery of services; Hosting companies which delivers late, slowly and only when their customers are called are worst.

5. No Discount; Some hosting site do provide free domain, free DNS setting, free admin emails for free when you buy a hosting plan from them but the bad web hosting companies are sites which have no free packages like free admin emails, free domain etc.

6. No contact details; A web hosting site is worst when the admin contact details are not displayed on the site. A worst web hosting are site with no contact details such as emails, phone number and many more.

7. Hosting site with Regular off time
; Worst web hosting companies are companies with regular off time. I was using a host and as soon as i  begin to experience frequent time out on server, then i just have to quit for another web host.

8. No Easy installation; I see a hosting company as worst when it does not offer easy installation or automatic installer with no instructions. Many web hosting companies i have known like Namecheap, Hostagator, GoDaddy are all site i know as the best when a site do not have easy installation, then such site is worst.

9. Bad Reviews ; When a hosting site do not have good reviews online with no forum or website claiming it as good host, then such is bad. If a site do not have any positive reviews on Google search and if all you see in complain, then such site can be categorized as worst web hosting site.

As soon as you detect some of the listed point, then i think you should just get another host for your website in order to prevent loss of time, money and energy. Check reviews online about the web host you want to buy before paying for such hosting. Thanks for reading


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