Ways to Generate Passive Income

How Can i Generate Passive Income?  Generating a passive income means earning money on regular basis with little effort and less stressful maintenance just as Google describes passive income. 

There are many ways anyone can begin to generate a passive income for him or herself and become comfortable. But to start generating steady money which is also called passive income, then you need to start a business either on a small or large scale level.
passive income
To start generating passive income this days, i will categories the ideas into two effective ways which includes;
  • Online Money Making
  • Offline Money Making
The Online money making method involves working at home in front of your computer and getting paid for it steadily while the Offline Money Making ways are the normal businesses we do outside the internet which involves getting a small space or shop and selling something.

Offline Money Making
1. Start a small Business
2. Get Knowledge or Acquire some skills
3. Sell Crafts
4. Baby Sitting
5. Importation of Electronics or Phone
6. Importation of Cloths, Shoes or Bags
7. Importation of Jewelries
8. Food Sales
9 Sale of toys
10. Rent
11. Car Accessories/ Phone Accessories
12. Stock
13. Real Estate

14. Pure Water
15. Make-Up
16. Barbing Salon
As long as you business solves people's problem then you will make it with the business and i bet you that you get passive income doing your business.

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Online Money Making
1. Soccer Prediction (soccer bet)
2. Online Paid Surveys
3. Affiliate Marketing
4. Google Adsense
5.  Blogging for Money
6. Online Article Writing
7. Facebook/Twitter
8. Data Entry
9. Selling Online
10. Domain Reselling Business

11. YouTube Videos
12. Micro Jobs e.g Fiverr

These are ways to generate passive income for yourself and change your standard for the better. To earn steady income then you need to work, start something and don't think anything is easy as people say. Thanks for reading.


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