Ways to Earn Money Online for College Students

One of the mistakes i made when i was in the college is the inability to explore my surrounding and internet to make some extra cash because all i do is to concentrate on my education but people who were involve in one business or the other are now doing well even in internet business or making money online per hour.

college student earn money

As a college student, there are ways to earn money online and they are very legit. All yo need is an internet connected device like phone, tablet, laptops etc. For a college student to work and make money online any where in the world, then you need the programs below;

1. Paid Surveys:  This is one of the ways a student can work and earn money online taking surveys and getting paid few dollars per hour. It involves filling out forms for survey panels site and get paid into your PayPal account. There are high paying surveys sites like pinecone research, swagbucks, toluna,opinionoutpost, globaltestmarket. It accept teenagers, youth and college students.

2. Article Writing: College students can make money online through article writing. You may not be a professional article writer but as long as you can write then you can earn money online. You can make money writing articles, for your blog and other micro jobs site like fiverr, seoclerks, zeerk etc It depends on your location, you can even post it on your Facebook wall that you write articles which you can get hired for a job.
3. Blogging: As a college student, blogging works well simply by taking time to write few post, get a free blog, strive to post meaningful articles which may earn your site a good page rank and Alexa ranking which increases your site traffic. You can make money from the site as a college student through paid post, Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika and many more

4. Adsense: You can get your first cash online through  a program called Google Adsense. College students are free to blog, register for Adsense and start to display Google ads on their site their site. You only need to drive traffic to the site through social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter etc and the traffic/clicks will get some cash directly transferred to your bank account through Google. Adsense money are not get-rich-quick-scheme but are built over a few period.

5. E-Currencies: One of the ways college students are earning big is through the sales of ecurrencies like Perfectmoney, Okpay,Webmoney,PayPal etc which are acquired through soccer bets. Most soccer betting site used e currencies as a preferred means of payment and for every game you win, you can sell your e-currency and make some dollars.

6. Sell Something : Lastly, the best way for a college student to make money is to learn to sell something. To make money selling is easy and cheap, what you need is to make a research on what the people lack in your campus and supply it. You can help your co-college student to buy and sell to them. Just get a store that sell cheaply and resell. You can use the online method or offline method. Online method involves using your Facebook wall, twitter or blog to advertise your products and services while the offline method is the mouth to mouth way of advertising.
These are the first ways a college student can earn money online as a beginner and they are very real and legitimate. You will be happy when other students begins to see the change in you. Thanks for reading.


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