Sure Websites to Earn Money Online

Just recently, a friend of mine asked me "how can i get sure websites o earn money online?' and he was damn serious about it. All he knows is to make quick money but i tried to make him realize that there quick ways to also make money online but all are very risky where he may end up loosing all his investments and left with nothing.

sure website to earn money online
There are sure ways where people can earn money online today and sites that provides such opportunities. The sure website i know where people can make money online are proven and not just get rich quick scheme. The sure site includes:

1. YouTube: YouTube is a sure site to earn money online especially if the videos uploaded are originals or edited but very entertaining. On YouTube, You can create videos of your own or edit existing videos. After a short time, monetize the video with Adsense and you may also boost the video for good traffic.
3 AdSense: This is a program or site owned by Google for website owners to make money through their website. You can make money on this site through original videos created by you, upload to youtube and monetize with Adsense. Another way to earn money from this sure website/program is to own a free website or blog either free or paid, write some useful contents on the site depending on niche you choose and drive traffic to the site through Facebook, Twitter or Organic way. Google display some adverts on the site and for every valid clicks you get on the ads, you get paid. This is a sure program that pays that can pay you.

4. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best way to earn money online and the sure website to earn from these includes ClickBank, CJ, SharaAsale, Amazon and many more. Affiliate marketing is simple but requires you to advertise another people's/company's product where you earn commission per sale or leads from the price of product.

5. Paid Surveys: its very easy to make money online taking paid surveys and site like toluna, pinecone research, YouGov, OpinionOutpost, MySurveys, are sure website to earn money from surveys. What you do is to sign up, register and start taking surveys for money by giving out opinions on some of product you use at home, or other brand you are familiar with.Some surveys can be sent directly to your email and also you get few sent while you fill

6. Micro Jobs Site
: Fiverr, seoclerks, gigbucks, zeerk are sure websites to earn money online, you that you can start making money today online through with your skills which can be posted as gigs on micro jobs site like Fiverr. If you a good writer, web designer, programmer, song writer, logo creator, video editor etc, just post the services you render on Fiverr for $5 and interested people can order for your services(gigs) and you get paid directly.

7.Article Writing: You can make money on the internet writing articles for sure website like fiverr, freelancers, warrriorforum, blogs, forums, paid reviews, reviewme and many more.

These are sure website where you can work and make money online per hour or monthly. Thanks for reading.


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