Most Profitable Small Scale Business in Nigeria

With the high population of the Nigeria people, anyone can definitely think of any small scale business you start but the most lucrative or profitable small business seems the question here. 

most proftiable small scale businessMany small scale business crumble due to the fact that it was not well planned and managed but if you start the right small scale business especially if your small scale business solve people's problem then you are in a very profitable business.

Starting a highly profitable Small Scale business do not need huge capital but right business ideas, a good business location and targeted audience. The most lucrative small scale business in Nigeria as at now are the one's described below.

The most profitable small scale business in Nigeria right now includes;

1. Farming: The is one of the best and most lucrative small business not only in Nigeria but all over the world and its been described by business expert as the most profitable. Farming business is no doubt a good business which can also be started in small scale in Nigeria but from our experience so far in farming, poultry farming, crops and fish farming seems to be the most profitable with a wide demand from the Nigerian people.

2. Haulage Business: Nigerian people see Haulage as a good way to start making money from start ups. This business can be carried out either on a large or small scale with only a bus,truck or van. To start a lucrative business like this, What you need is to contact some companies in your area tell them about your new van,car or vehicle and inform the Manager that your vehicle is available for business in their company.

3. Transport: I described this as the best small scale business which generate good income in Nigeria due to the population size. Transport business will always be rated among the best business in Nigeria but am rating it as one of the best small scale or large scale businss with good profit. It can be done by anybody either you are a graduate, undergraduate or uneducated, just gather some money, buy a fairly used car/bus, get your drivers license and vehicle license and go to the park for registration. Its very lucrative and can be done on a small scale with little capital.

4. Food: Food business is being known by good numbers of the Nigerian people and its very lucrative. Its become more profitable when you package the food neatly and sell cheap. This small scale business can be started with little capital in Nigeria and all you need is a space, little capital and source of food items. Give Nigerians good food and they will pay for it gladly.

5. Printing: Printing can be classified as a profitable in Nigeria is still a good business the only set back from this that it solely depend on electricity or generator but the raw materials are cheap.Printing can be started on a small scale with few computers, printers, internet services and few printing machines.

6. School: One of the most profitable small scale business you can engage in Nigeria with little capital is school business. School business is very profitable and can be started with good space, few teachers and few teaching aids. People are into school business are good money from it.

7. Online Business: This is a business that requires no too much space, manpower, capital but but can be done from home. There are various online that pays example which includes Adsense, Affiliate marketing, webdesign, micro jobs, article writing, paid surveys and many more.

8. Buying and Selling: This is another profitable way to make money from small scale business in Nigeria. Buying and selling of anything an old way to make income for oneself and still work even up till now. You can buy items at wholesales stores/price and sell them at cheap prices with good profit. Just think of something to sell to the Nigerians around you and get paid for it.

9. Medical Center: This business involves starting a medical centre in a small scale with good profit. Examples includes a small clinics, eye center, medical lab  centre etc. But this business is only meant for people who are health professionals or expert. Its very lucrative.

These are profitable small scale business in Nigeria and you can start with little money in you. Some of the small scale businesses listed above are good for Nigerians or anyone that wants to start a small business for profit. Thanks for reading. mmmmmmmm


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