Is Blogging Still Profitable?

Is Blogging Really Profitable? I notice that this question keeps coming from many people who want to start an online business to earn extra money. Blogging is not really a simple way to make money online but i see blogging as a good way to invest for the future and earn some cash on the extra.


One of the best way i receive money or ways I've been paid is through my blog. Having a blog is a sure way to make money in different ways and i can tell anyone who want to start an online business to always start with blogging at first. It may take time but the time it takes is just the period of investment which will generate income later with time.

What is Blogging? Blogging is simply a way of passing out various information using a free blog. It means you can create a free blog on blogger or WordPress platform and begin to post useful contents to it. The topics or contents may range from any different areas of life like science, medicine, banking, commerce, entertainment, teaching etc. All these are called niche.

How is Blogging Profitable? Blogging is profitable in many ramifications but it must be prepared before money begins to come. What makes blogging more profitable is the huge opportunities it has unlike other kind of online business which are restricted. You can make money from your blog through the following means;

1. Adsense : This is one of the programs owned by Google that makes Blogging very profitable especially if your site has good traffic. Adsense is a program that allows you to make money from your blog at any time as long as the contents are relevant and the traffic are coming. Google Adsense pay you as a site owner to allow them display adverts on your site. If you want to make money from your site, then try integrate Adsense to your blog or website and you enjoy the cash flow from Google directly to your bank account.

2. Affiliate Marketing: This is one of the best ways to make money online and it can't be done without a website, blog or page. Its very lucrative because you use your blog to promote other people products by displaying their banner codes on your site. You get paid based on clicks, sales, or lead generated through your blog. Its very lucrative and its stress free.
3. Paid Post: One of the things that makes blogging more profitable is the aspect of sponsored post also known as paid post. You get paid from interested people who wants to write for your site for one reason or the other. You only need to write or accept their contents in word format, paste it on your blog, drive traffic to it and get paid. Its very fast, stress free because all you need to do is just bargain on the price of the post or write up. This comes when the site has some traffic and well rank by search engines or social networks.

4. Reviews: Blogging will be profitable to you when you start writing reviews to companies, people, site owners and get paid for it. Its very similar to sponsored post but it really pays. There are many review sites online e.g reviewme, sponsoredpost and many more.

5. Ads Space: Lastly, selling ads space on your blog makes it interesting. If your site has good amount of traffic, then you can sell a banner space for other webmasters to place their banner just like letting a billboard for advertisers to bid. Making money through Ads space has been used by many and its very profitable at this time.

These  are ways that shows that blogging is still very much profitable and what you need is to build your blog and continue to make it better and better. Thanks for reading.


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