How to Make Money Online as a Christain

There are many ways to make money online from home and not only many ways now but real ways to earn money online even as a Christian. I noticed that some Christians are taking 'make money online' for granted while other are making money with or without investment online.

Maybe some Christians see making money online as scam, dishonest, fraud, illegal etc. Whereas, some programs are actaully legit and Christians can also tap from this opportunity to make money from the internet.
make money as a Christian

I believe that Christians like Business with integrity, real and honesty but we will providing ideas that works best for anyone with internet connected devices and not scam. A Christian who wants to tap  into online money making can do this with a clear conscience as long as the business is legal, tested and understood with integrity and honesty.  A Christian can earn money online doing the following;

1. Monetizing YouTube Videos with Adsense : As a Christian, You can work and start earning money online through YouTube. You just need to sign up for a YouTube account, create original videos or edit some videos, drive traffic to the videos by sharing on Social networks like Facebook or Twitter and later monetize  the views with Adsense. You can earn money from Google Adsense directly payment into your bank account any where in the world.

2. Adsense : This is a program from Google Inc which helps website owners to make money through their blog/website by allowing Google display ads on their site. As a Christian, you just need a website or free blog, drive traffic to the site by posting relevant articles, videos or materials and integrate Adsense to the blog. The money Google pays its publishers are real, legit and honest because the money is generated from your site traffic.
3. Blogging: This is one of the best way to make money online but it takes time. You can earn money through blogging in different ways either as a writer, publisher, marketer, promoter, advertiser and many more. You just need to create a free blog on WordPress or Blogger, post some contents and build the site to gain ranks in the world. You will be making steady money when the traffic on the site or blog increases. This is a good way for anybody even Christians can make money form this. 
4. Fiverr : Being a Christian who loves real business and not scam, you can earn money online from home through micro jobs sites like fiverr, zeerk, seoclerks etc. Micro job site like fiverr allow you post any service of your choice or services you render in form of a gig at $5. If you are good in any field or you have some skill or talent like article writing, web designing, voice traning, art, video editing, podcast making, logo design etc. Just sign up with these site, read their terms and condition and start your gig and earn $5 on every order you get..

5. Sponsored Post: You make make money sponsored or paid post when your site is grown, popular with good traffic. This is the best and easiest way to earn money online through a blog or website. But your Christian site must be a good Authority blog with high pagerank and traffic. For sponsored post, you only need to write on a brand or site on your blog and promote it or copy the text and paste it on draft and publish it, you also promote it as well and get paid for it for real.

6. Affiliate Marketing: Its is easy to make money at home as a Chritain through affiliate marketing. You only need to sell other people's services, link, brand or product on your site and get paid. Just Google for the best affiliate site in your region, register and copy/paste the banner code to your high traffic blog and that is all you need to do. You get paid based on sales, lead, sign up or clicks gotten through your site, its a good way for Christians site owners to earn money. Reliable affiliate sites you can join  includes Click-bank, Commission Junction, Ebay, Amazon, Hostagator affiliates, NameCheap affiliates etc. 

7. Paid Surveys: This is one of the oldest way to work at home or from home which also works well for Christians too.  All you need to do is just to fill questions online, take surveys, give feed back and get paid per hour. Although some people do not agree with taking paid surveys as real ways to earn online but it works. Reliable survey site includes- Toluna, Globaltestmarkets, Pineconeresearch, Opinionoutpost, Survey head, Cada Cabeza, Valued Opinion, SwagBucks etc

These are ways a chritain can make money online or how to make money online as a Christian,  for real, legitimately and vey trustworthy with no scam. Try this and see how it works. Thnaks for reading.


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