HelloFood Strive to Scare Hunger in Nigeria

I've always been searching and surfing through the internet in search of a company that can supply food online but i attended a program where i met with the staff of HelloFood. Hellofood is an online food delivery in Nigeria and been proven to be food company striving to eradicate hunger in Nigeria.

Preventing Food Hunger in Nigeria is a problem where hellofood as an online food delivery company is ready to solve. It means that you can order food online through HelloFood and you get the food delivered within the shortest period of time, another good thing about this online food delivery is that you can pay on delivery and still get the best food.

The World Hunger Day was acknowledged on Thursday 30th May in its efforts to tackle hunger and starvation in Nigeria, leading Online Food Delivery service, hellofood, put together a dinner for Nigerian bloggers and Media Practitioners to raise awareness of the terrible hunger issue in the country.
The event took place at Jevinik restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos. It brought together, Newspaper correspondents, Online Media practitioners and Radio personalities. The vast majority of attendees were all individuals who had affiliations with the media. 
HelloFood was aimed at providing the best online food delivery services fo everyone which i believe is the best way to solve hunger problems in Nigeria. 
How Do i Place Order on hellofood?  Its very simple, you can place order on hellofood by doing the following;

  •   Find restaurants that deliver to you by entering your current location
  •   Browse hundreds of menus to find the food you like
  •   Pay by Cash on Delivery and enjoy your delicious meal
Just Visit hellofood through your internet connected computer or mobile phone or you download hellofood Apps on your Tablets, place an order and get your food delivered with the shortest period of time. 
So let embrace this online food company to eradicate hunger and make Nigeria a better place. Thanks, eat good food through hellofood and let live healthy.


  1. So you mean we can order food online and still get the best through this company

  2. yea, try it, visit their site and see the claims, its good


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