Best Small scale Business in Nigeria

With little capital or no capital, you can start a small scale business in Nigeria and make some profit from it. With the population of Nigeria, i believe any small business you set up will excel only if you start the right business and if your business solve people's problems.

Starting a Small Scale business really do not need huge capital but ideas and location matters. A small scale business can be in any form but the best small business you can start and make good income is what we are describing now.

The best small scale business that guarantee good income right now in Nigeria includes;

1. Farming: The best small scale business that is making good cash for peope now is farming business. Farming business is wide but based on experience, the business that is easy to set up is poultry farming and rearing fishes. If you dont have much experience on any of these, then you can seek knowledge or employ an expert to assist in setting up the business.

small scale business
2. Haulage Business: This business can be carried out on a small scale with only a bus,truck or van. What you do is that you write to some companies in your area about their services and telling them that your vehicle is available to help them move their product around the state or country.

3. Transport: Since the population of Nigeria keeps increasing daily hence, transport business will always be a business to reckon with. It does not matter if you are graduate, undergraduate or uneducated, just raise some funds, buy a bus, go to the park or bus stop and register with them and thats all.As long as you have valid document for your bus and a drivers license, you can do this business even on a small scale.

4. Food: Food business is good and it generate good income if you are neat and provide cheap services. This business can be started with little capital and all you need is space and little capital to buy some food items, utencils and one or two cook.

5. Printing: Printing is still a good business but the only worry about this business is that you depend on electricity which is never constant and depends on generator. Aside that, you can start this on a small scale with few computers, printers, internet services and few printing machines.

6. School: One of the best small scale business you can start in Nigeria is the school business. School business is very lucrative if you have a good space to start with, few qualified teachers and well organized teaching aids. People doing these business are really earning good from it. As long as the birth rate never drops, school business remains a good small business to invest in.

7. Online Business: This is a business that requires no too much space, manpower, capital but but can be done from home. There are various online that pays example which includes Adsense, Affiliate marketing, webdesign, micro jobs, article writing, paid surveys and many more.

8. Sport Betting Agent: This is a new small business that can be done nay where as long as you have a laptop/destop computer and a printer. This business involves being an agent to soccer bookmarking site where you get paid on commission of matches played in your centre, amount of game played, game won and also  side earnings from anyone that cliam their cash from you. To start this business, just visit any soccer betting site, read their terms and conditions, give them a call and schedule a time to visit their branch nearer to you. Its a good business but must be handled with care.

9. Buying and Selling
: The best way to make money any day and at anytime is through buying and selling. This is called trading which has been in existence for many years. It depends on the starting capital, you can start buying  items at wholesales and sell them at cheap prices. Any items ranging from electronics, cloths, shoes,kicthen stuffs, books, electrical appliances, phone etc can be a good business that brings money.

10. Medical Centre: This business involves starting a medical centre like small clinics, eye centre, medical lab  centre etc. But this business is restricted to people who are health expert and not just anybody can do this type of business.

So far, we've been able to enlighten you on various small scale business you can start in Nigeria, how to start the business and how income are generated through the business. Some of the small businesses decribed abopve can also be done while you keep your day jobs. Thanks for reading.


  1. These are good ideas posted, business rocks but it also takes to mature


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