7 Common Terms Used in Web Hosting and Its Meanings

If you are into internet business or you want to start an online business especially in area of web hosting then there are terms in web hosting that may look confusing to you as a new person or starter. Below are common terms used and their meaning are posted as you read on.

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Either you want to host your website, you want to become a reseller or buy hosting plan for people, you need to know some terms used which includes:

1. Bandwidth: Bandwidth in web hosting is the amount of data/information that is  transferred between the website servers and the computers visiting your site. Often times, the bandwidth for personal or business website is usually range between 2 and 10GB  but can be increased as soon as the site traffic and page views increases.

2. Auto Responder : This is a program or tool in web hosting that allows email responses any time there is a message from a user. An auto-responder helps to automatically send email whenever a user or guest contact an admin. Auto Responder are very cheap and create a good business environment when it comes to processing of emails or when contacted.
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3. Common Gateway Interface (CGI) : This is a program in web hosting that translates data from the web server and displays the data on the web page or email within a short time. CGI also has a sub program called a script which enables the developers of a website to make a web page that is interactive using forms or visitor counts.

4. Cloud : In web hosting, Cloud is known as a decentralized data storage method where data  saved to the cloud is stored across some global notes. Data Cloud ensures saved data are accessed regardless of the location.

5. FTP:  In web hosting business, FTP is referred to as file transfer protocol and it's the program or standard protocol that is used in transferring files to and from the web server to a computer.

6. ISP (Internet service provider) : This is a site or company that allows you to access the internet. This company do provide broadband or dial-up services for internet access. Many web hosting site/ companies are also internet service providers which means that provide internet access.

The terms above are some of the commonly used terms in web hosting. In internet business or web development, your web host or hosting services determines the success of the business and you should therefore choose your host wisely. You can also choose cheap web hosting services or affordable one to save money. Thanks for reading.


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