5 Best Font for Your Resume

What are the Best Font for a Resume?

Applying and getting a good job start with the right arrangement of resume where the font plays an important role. The days of using Times New Roman as your CV/Resume font is gradually fading off which means more and better resume are required.

Using a bad font for your Resume or CV as popularly called can discourage the interest of the reader which may likely be your new employer. Someone said 'the best resume/CV is the one that can be read with ease."

We decide to compile a list of best font that fit in for a CV or Resume. Unlike the times new roman which has its days fading off and coming to the end.


1. Arial ; This font is a much more better than Times New Roman and its been described as a Neutral font. Arial is clean, neat and easy to read at any time.

2. Garamond;  Garamond is one of the best font recommended for a Resume/CV. Garamond is readable and its also one of old font used by many people around the world.

3. Georgia;  Personally, i use Georgia as many preferred font when it comes to printing and other paper work. Georgia is less curvy and no as outdated like the Times New Roman. When i want to create a Resume or trying to submit a printed copy of my CV, then i really do not think twice than to use Georgia

4. helvetica ; I have seen many resumes online and offline and a highly level recruiting official once told me that Helvetica is a good font to use when building a resume for jobs. This font is mostly used even in my place of work right now for official documents.

5. Calibri ; The is the best font recommended for resume or CV right now either online or offline. Calibri is modern, neat, professional, Interesting, clear, clean and can be read easily. Calibri is my Favorite font right now unlike the old fashioned Times New Roman

For the best Resume, get a very good fonts on your Microsoft Word like the once listed above. Thanks for reading.


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