Why You Should Get a Personal or Custom Domain Name

Why Should i get my own domain name?  As you read on with this post, we will be providing you with information on the importance and gains of having a personal domain name when it comes to website business or other internet businesses.

domain name
A domain name is actually a name allocated to a website url or address and always configured in .com, .net, .org, .edu etc. There are other free domain name like .WordPress.com. blogspot.com, tumblr.com and many more.

To be considered as a serious brand, a business or organization should have a top-level domain like www.earnonlineng.com and not .blogspot.com or ,WordPress.com. It does not really matters but when i tried doing business with these, nobody takes the site or business serious and i consider buying a top-level domain. Some of the reasons to have a personal or custom domain name includes:

1. It forms a permanent brand: Having a custom or personalized domain enable the site/business have a permanent name. This will help people take the business seriously

2. It's Cheap: One of the reason you need to buy a custom domain for your site is due to its cheapness. Top level domains are cheap and can easily be affordable for you to buy from top sites like namecheap, godaddy or hostagator. Its worth the money because its your brand.

3. Free admin email address. When you buy a custom domain, you get an admin email such as admin@earnonlineng.com which makes your business or brand professional useful in many ways, Free email like @yahoo.com, @gmail.com looks somehow when used for businesses.

4. It's Easy. When i say its easy, i mean its easy for customers, visitors or users to remember when they want to contact you for business which helps them come for more, Its looks easy to remember admin emails or personalized emails than a normal emails.

5. Search Engine
: According to researches, a custom domain or personalized domains with emails rank well on search engine than the free domains

 If you are not ready to get a blog or website for your business or brand, you can still buy a domain to get a free admin emails or other benefit or better still, park the domain and include text like "page comin soon"  Thanks for reading


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