The Meaning of Facebook Poke

What is Facebook Poke? This was the question i ask myself when i got a notification that someone  poked me on Facebook and i wondered exactly what the word "poke" means?  I read an article online which explains what Facebook poke is and i giving the ideas as you read on with these articles. 

facebook poke

When you see a notification on Facebook that that people have poked you, Facebook claims poking means 'to say hello' to your friends or families and its also been reviewed that poke feature on Facebook is a way of saying  "Hello" to people, I miss you, i think of you" or Hi
Thus, I think a poke feels pretty good.

So when you get a poke notification from a friend, you should poke back just to tell such person thanks or to give feed back but i noticed that "poke on Facebook" means so much like "acknowledgement" i miss you", i still remember you" you there" and many more like   

Facebook poke also means remembering a long time friend who you must have lost contact with or have been off for long time. The poke can be used to get such person back on chat or communication.

Facebook poke brings long time friendship back to normal and can be used to initiate a quick step to get a new friend or passing a message that can lead to relationship. To business, it means a lot and can also be used to market a product to people after starting a poke and the responds on such can be used to market a business and generate income from 


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