How to Ruin an Online Business

The only thing i think about in my Online Business to earn more, make more profit online, become successful just like others do and build a power online presence but the way some people take their online business makes me worry because they are destroying their internet business without knowing. Some things that ruins business are explained below which you get as you read on.

ruin internet business

Just like normal businesses, an internet business needs attention and strategy to avoid ruining the business yourself. Below are some of the thing people do that ruins their online business which includes;

1. No Advertising: If you have a business you do online and never thought of advertising the business even with the cheapest form of advert, then you are on the way to destroying the business. You can easily avoid these ruins or destroying the business by going for the cheapest form of adverts like flyers, posters, Facebook ads with $1 or $2 etc

2. False Claims:  The best way to ruin an internet business occurs when you come up false claims about the business, false ideas, false products, promising so much on the product(get-rich-quick-scheme) or through the use deceptive methods to make readers/people to read what you present and it makes no sense to them. This kills any online business very fast which you must avoid.

3. The Use of "Re" : Many times, the use of "Re:" in an email subject heading or admin emails show signs of laziness which makes your business unprofessional enough. the use of "re" as your email heading really could not convince people and telling them you are actually replying them. That a  lazy way of replying emails, you re-edit another person email and mail to another. Continued use of this can destroy your business online.

4. Dishonesty : When you begin to sell another person products or material online (e-books, video, podcast etc)  material as yours, i believe you are only been dishonest and that can ruin your reputation online as well as your internet business. You could get a copyright or reseller agreement on this before taking any step. If you cannot make a product of your own, or a unique brand then rethink or start a new business and not impersonate another fellow getting successful with business online.

5. Deceit: This ruins or destroy an online business very fast and how? when  you use a subject headings that do not relate to the sales pitch or kind of product you are offering, then people will waste no time to hit the delete button of your link, emails or business page.

6. Promoting Bad Product: Any time you choose to promote bad business ideas online or bad product relating to violence, drugs, pornography, cheat, rape etc Your site or link can get deleted by your host or service provider and that will be the end of the business. So promote good product and not bad business ideas so that people can buy your ideas or product in god faith.

You see that these ideas described above are things that can ruin an online business and should be avoided. If you want to make success with your business online then avoid ruin by shunning the listed habit. So earn more money and never lose it. Thanks for reading.


  1. so people can tactfully ruin their won business themselves.. these are good ideas to follow


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