How to Make Money Online with PowerPoint

How do i Make Money with PowerPoint? One of the most lucrative ways to make money online is to make money with your PowerPoint presentation. This is a profitable way to make money online from home and has been tested and trusted by many people who work online.  

PowerPoint business

PowerPoint is a program used to make different presentations like images, slides, videos, music, visuals etc and has been used students, experts, designers, trainers, business people, cartoonist, animators, video editors and many more. PowerPoint can help you make money online from home, by designing, editing, making slides, making presentation etc.

I never knew its can be easy to earn money on the internet through PowerPoint until i prepared an image slides, post it on YouTube, drive traffic to the video and i earn some cash through this means. That was the reason am posting these update for the people to learn and gain some online money making ideas.

The different ways to start making money online with PowerPoint includes;

1 Anybody can make money online with PowerPoint simply by signing up at, check some PowerPoint project on the forum and bid for available PowerPoint projects. Just read up the site terms and conditions and bid for project based on experience level just to see if you can do the job well. You might be offered some Powerpoint designs project on the site and you make some good cash.
2. Fiverr is a micro jobs site where people post different jobs as gigs, you can make money from these site if you are really good on PowerPoint designs and presentation. You can make money online with PowerPoint on sites like Fiverr simply by signing up on, check some PowerPoint gigs available on the site to see how it done and after that you may also post your own gig like "i will make a PowerPoint presentation for you @ $5. With these, you may be lucky to get some orders if you are really good at it.
3. YouTube :  Another way to make money online through PowerPoint is through YouTube. YouTube is a well known video sharing site and the best social networks for videos and other presentations. What you to earn money from YouTube with your PowerPoint skills is to upload some of your work especially the best presentation on YouTube, monetize the presentation which may be inform of slides, make the design very simple and share on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter. With these, you can put your email address, urll, sample pages, or other contact info your viewers may require. This is how people make money using their PowerPoint skills on the internet.

4. Gazhoo: These site allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations on their site which may be picked up by any of their clients or site users where you get paid if your PowerPoint presentation was picked. Just visit, read their terms and conditions and upload your PowerPoint designs or presentations.

 The Sites posted above are good site where you can earn some money with PowerPoint presentations or designs. But to make money online through PowerPoint, you really need to be careful about using too many colors, wrong color presentation and all caps in your slides or presentation.  

One secret about getting more orders or jobs online is laziness and these can be avoided when you complete task on time or even faster than the agreed date or deadline. These are ways to earn money online with PowerPoint presentations or slides. Thanks for reading


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