How to Make Money From Domain Name Registration

How do i make money from domain name registration? This was a question sent to me via inbox through  reader wanting to know how possible it is to start making money from domain name registrars.

The are many reliable domain name registrars which includes namecheap, hostagator, arvixe, 1&1 and godaddy where you can buy or register domain names at the cheapest price and the ways to make money selling these domain are;

1. Pay4me Services: The fast way to make money registering domain names is to help people buy hosting or domain name and set it up for them. Many people do not have the information or know how on how to register domain name but you can help them buy, register, set it up using your own card. This is one of the ways to make money from people helping them register for domains. If you have a shop, office or space, just make a poster or banner telling them you can help them buy, register and help with DNS settings.
2. Park Domains: Another way to make money from domain name is park the domain name on a site for future use. Parking a domain is buying a high traffic domain name and storing it on sites like which help park it for anyone interested in it for a price that can be negotiable. There are many domain parking site online and pick the best one, buy the domain and park it on the site.

3. Buy domains name of Popular Blogs: There are many wordpress or blogspot users who blogs are really popular and high in traffic but feels getting a custom domain isn't relevant, you can buy such domain on .com, org or .net and you might be contacted someday by the owner of such blogs and the price might very nice then.

4. Affiliates : I started making money from domain name registration through my own affiliate codes. I have hostagator affiliate banner on my site sometimes ago and i use it to buy domains for people who wants a website, blogs and get my commission. Each time you want to buy hosting or domain names, go through your own affiliate banner through another system or through a change of ip. Its a cool way to make money registering domain names. Thanks for reading


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