Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

What are the Disadvantages of Free web Hosting? Even when i explained to people who wants to own or build a website, i recommend them to start a blog or website with paid hosting due to its advantages but many people still find interest in getting a free web hosting which is good but has some limitations.
free web hosting

There are many free web host online some which includes blogspot, WordPress, tumblr and other hosting site that provides free hosting but your site must bear their name or many offered free hosting for promotional purposes or coupon. Free web hosting has many advantages but since we are talking about disadvantages now, we will be providing list of limitations or disadvantages of opting for free webhosting. What you need is just to get a good website or blog either through paid or free hosting.
The disadvantage you get from free hosting is the restricted contents, disk space, bandwidth size and no full control of site. Free web hosting sites at times restrict certain instructions, videos or pics on the site and your site may get deleted any time if you go against their terms and conditions.

One of the disadvantages of using a free site hosting is the possibility of being spammed. Many paid hosting already have a plugin that detect spamming, which prevent uneasy bombardment of comment links, url links, spam emails etc

Another disadvantage of a free web hosting services is that some free web hosting really do not allow large files, videos or images on your website due to their own adverts code or other program plugins.Unlike paid hosting where you have full control of the site from the scratch to the end.

In Conclusion, the disadvantages of using free web host is much and should also be considered when building a website or blog to generate income in the future. The main ideas here is that free web hosting is not secure and you really do not have full control on the site.

If i had known, i would have started my first site on a paid hosting but any site i recommend for a for any body now should be a paid option unless if such person want it free or cheap. These are my own opinion on using a free domain host and its disadvantages. Thanks for reading.


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