Disadvantages of Free Domain Names

What are the Disadvantages of Free Domain Name? I often tell people who wants to own or build a blog or website to start their website with paid domain names due to the advantages and less risk but they still prefer to use a free domain name which is good but has some disadvantages just like free web hosting
free domain names
There are many free domain registrars on the internet which includes .blogspot, .WordPress, tumblr and other domain name registration site that provides free domains but the site must bear their name of the host while some offered free domain names for promotional purposes or redeem through coupon. Free domain name registration has many advantages but since we are talking about disadvantages now, we will be providing some of the limitations of free domains or disadvantages of opting for free domains. I rather choose the best or cheap custom domains for my site than using a free domain names.
The disadvantage you get using free domains is the restricted domain names, restricted contents, choice of extensions like the .com. .net.,.org, .edu etc but you only have .blogspot.com if the site is on blogger or .wordpress.com if is on wordpress and you have no full control of site. Free domains often comes with certain instructions to restrict some post contents, domain names, videos or pics on the site and the site may get deleted any time if you go against their terms and conditions.

One of the disadvantages of using a free domain name is the search engines. Although it depends on the level of search engine optimization done on the site, many free domains usually do not rank well on search engines due to poor contents or seo (search engine optimization).

Another disadvantage of a free domains is that it does not make the site on the high standards especially the site is being listed for sale or flipping websites. People do not really buy sites with free domains on sites like flippa. Its better you start with custom domains or paid domains but it may be costly.

In Conclusion, the disadvantages of using a free domain names are huge and should be considered when building a website or blog for business or sites to generate income in the future. The main ideas here is that free domain names may not be secure and you really do not have full control on the site.

 These are just the things you need to know about the disadvantages of using a free domain names for your site. The site can be deleted anytime which seems bad for business.Thanks for reading.


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