Can i Submit My Site to All Search Engines

I decided to share this post to enlighten people and other website owners on the dangers of submitting sites to all search engines just to practice search engine optimization (seo). Search engine optimization is a practice that in order for a site to enjoy quick indexing from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altatvista and many more. 
search engine optimization
For the best in search engine optimization (seo) its sounds good to submit your site to only few search engine which are the most used and popular search engine like
  • add url to Google
  • add url to yahoo
  • add url to bing
  • add url to altavista
  • add url to ask
What your website needs is not adding your site to any search engine directories or web directories but inbound links and outbound links.The amount of link pointing to your website and out linking to other website is a determinant factor and should be done.Link building is the best search engine optimization for now which means you do not need to start submitting your website to all or any search engine outside Google, Yahoo or Bing which are mostly important.
How do i get inbound link? Its very simple, just create a site with good contents, update the site regularly, so that site can link to your topics, submit to web directories in your niche which can be gotten from Google search and that is an aspect of search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is wide and one of the mistake i made sometimes ago was when i bought massive links from sites like fiverr but most of the links are too irrelevant. Another way to get incoming links more quickly is by commenting on other people's blog and guest post which looks so impressive. You enjoy traffic, good search engine optimization and new visitors.

So, do not submit your site t o any or all search engine. Only add your url to the legit and best search engines to get the best seo. Thanks for reading


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