Best Way to Pay for Facebook Ads in Nigeria

Facebook ads is a program where you pay some money to advertise your business or product online. The products, website, link or business get a wide range of exposure to their fb users, friends or subscribers Online.
facebook ads
If all you need is a brand exposure, website traffic, Facebook likes, Facebook shares, exposures etc then you tried using Facebook ads program if you are to get such services.. The best way to pay for Facebook ads or adverts in Nigeria or any other part of Africa includes;

1. UBA Africard or Prepaid Visa Card

2 GTBank Niara MasterCard

3. GTBank Dollar MasterCard

4. Zenith Web Surfers

5. Payoneer MasterCard 

The cards listed above are good for Facebook ads/adverts and it works well. The most recommended card for Facebook ads is UBA Africard also known as UBA Prepaid Visa Card. Its what am using now to pay for Facebook ads for clients, jobs or personal purchase online.

To pay for Facebook ads in Nigeria, use the cards above and am sure it will also work well in other part of Africa. 


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