Best Social Networks That Pays to Use

Its very possible to start earning money online through some social networks and get the money paid directly into your PayPal account or any other online payment gateway you have aside have some interesting times on the social networks.
social networks
On social networks, you get to search for information, upload pics, watch videos, make friends, chat, make some research and get some interesting entertainment but some site also provides such avenues of using them as a social network and also making money from such sites apart from using them.

Social networking site like mylot seems to be my favorites because i get information from the site, guest post from friends and some interesting arguments not noticing i can also make money from the site through all my activities on the site like time of stay, topics started, polls or some questions you answered on the site.
There are other good social networking site that pay you to use them, distribute their info, stay on the site and get paid to your account when the money reach payout. The common means of payments for some of this site includes PayPal, Bank wire and Check. Such good social networks to make money includes;

1. Mylot
2. My Likes
3. Mag Pie
4. Ximmy
5. FriendSwin
6. Flixya
7. MyViewin
8. Sponsored Tweets

These are social networks that pay you to use them. The only thing you need to do is to check for more reviews about this sites online, read their terms and conditions and start using them to make money. Thanks for reading.


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